Five names reportedly confirmed for Argentina’s World Cup squad

Argentina National Team
The Argentina National Team lining up for a friendly match vs. Italy..

Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has reportedly already confirmed to five players they will be going to the World Cup.

Per a report by TyC Sports, SAMPAOLI told the five players himself that they will be in the squad. Those five players would (obviously) join Lionel MESSI as the list would be at six players. The five players are:

Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City)
Javier MASCHERANO (Hebei Fortune)
Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United)
Nicolas TAGLAIFICO (Ajax)
Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica)

All five were present (among a few others) and training today (bar AGUERO, who is doing rehab work separately from the rest of the team).


    • Salvio defends very well, but defending well and being a good defender aren’t necessarily exclusive. Playing a player out of position in a vital tournament like the world cup is very risky, just ask Diego and poor Nico Otamendi in 2010.
      As for his fitness, well judging from his last few matches he seems to be back to full fitness and is scoring a few goals to boot.
      Salvio is a skillful, hardworking, versatile player and I for one am happy to have him on the team….but as a midfielder/winger not a full back! Playing him as a RB can either be pure genius or pure idiocy and i hope we don’t get to find out in the WC.

      • Yes just like sergi Roberto play as rb .he is doing a decent job.actually Roberto is not good defensively but still doing a decent job.let’s see how sampaoli use him?? Can he transform him as a decent right back?? If successful then Argentina can do wonders otherwise can also be knocked out from 1st round itself.but I feel Mercado is the preferred right back option for us

        • Roberto has been doing that for some time & gained experience as a RB. Here we are talking about salvio who will be playing as RB for first time in the biggest tournament of all. Even in qualifier or friendly or club he has not played RB. & to top it we don’t have anyone else than ansaldi. Acuna at least played as LB in few qualifiers.

    • Not only 5 players I think these all are confirmed
      8.Biglia/Enzo /Paredes
      9.Banega /p.perez/Pizzaro
      17.Lautaro martinez
      20. Armani
      ##Imo All confirmed

      21. Rojo/Pezella/Mori
      23. Icardi/Aguero/Perotti

  1. I still don’t like mascherano in our squad.but we all know sampaoli never gonna drop him not because he rate him highly just because if he drops him many senior players would be mad at sampaoli and team chemistry will be destroyed.and who knows with regular playing time in china mascherano may regain his form and this season virtually he was watching all the matches of barca sitting on the bench.that’s very bad for a hampers match fitness and sharpness and also confidence

    • My fav player. But seeing Nigeria, Spain matches – I really wished he won’t get selected as it was sad to see the decline.
      Optimistically thinking maybe his experience & as a sub( say 30-40 mins or extra time) he may be adding value. But I fear to think what if otamendi or fazio get injured or suspended for a key match. Can mashe survive 90mins as a CB?? Also surprised bcos mashe clearly said that he will try as a midfielder & that’s also what he is doing in hebai. But finally sampa takes him as a CB.

  2. If this is true we are going to be eliminated in quarter final against Spain.Ansaldi must be there.Salvio can not be used as RB.Mercado is waste even being a right back he is only good at defending like average center back.No understanding of game. Masche is done he is exposed against Spain and Nigeria he is just a shadow of himself now.Sampoli said he will not be distracted by anything.But he has made mistake that is going to cost us several.Title did not take aged Dani Alves even Joe Hart is out of squad.Sampoli should show some heart.He should be tough for players.World cup does not belongs to your past achievements.

  3. *If the rumours are true…* for me Taglaifico, Salvio and Lanzini fine.

    Masche, this guy will start the first game of Copa 2019 next year…

    Aguero suits Sampa’s style of play, I like him but wow he could not be fully fit and he’s confirmed. Talk about luck…