Gonzalo HIGUAÍN on playing for Argentina: “We always give everything”

Gonzalo Higuain Argentina
Gonzalo Higuain playing for Argentina vs. Spain.

In a candid interview with TNT Sports LA, Gonzalo HIGUAÍN spoke about the goal that wasn’t in the 2014 FIFA World Cup final, the critics and more.
Argentina’s number 9 has been under heavy criticism since 2014 and he has revealed that he would still like to be the goal scorer of the World Cup. Here’s what he had to say:

Gonzalo HIGUAÍN on the Argentina National Team:

“We always give everything for our country. Hopefully I could be the top goal scorer of the World Cup. I always want to help Argentina.”

Gonzalo HIGUAÍN on nearly quitting football:

“The critics don’t bother me. My mother’s the one that suffered the most. […] I was at the point of quitting football. My mother’s the one that gave me strength to continue playing.”

Gonzalo Higuain on not scoring in the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

“I scored a more beautiful goal and that is having a daughter and a wife. And for me, that’s more important. Everything else comes secondary after being a father.”


  1. I rarely feel negative feelings towards an argentine player but I feel kind of disgusted. This guy has no shame at all. No honor…… How can you give such an answer? If I were the coach I would send him home. I don’t think that icardi is the all in one solution but I would like to see anyone but this guy. Still… I don’t hope or prey for an injury I just wish he retires.

  2. Higuain doesn’t have any regret in his life after missing so many goals in 3 finals in a row. We are trophy less because of him. In a tight match like world cup final a striker should capitalise on half chance. He missed those easy chances. And right now he’s telling he has scored more beautiful goals at home by becoming a husband and a father. He doesn’t seem to have any regret. He is uttering this irrelevant things for no reason. I don’t know how sampaoli is tolerating such a player and promise higuain a confirmed world cup spot in advance. I know this choker is going to ruin our chances of winning the world cup once again.

    • He lost the ball number of times, his performance vs spain was awful;

      This guy lost his mind; When someone asks about his miss in World Cup Final, what does he talk?; What does he mean by that?
      He can score such beautiful goals by sitting at home; No one criticizes him for that; When someone is representing their country in one of the biggest events, they have to be passionate & show some pride;

      If he is going to show such kind of attitude on the pitch, it’s better to take Lautaro Martinez if not Icardi;

  3. Higuain’s attitude is always the same. He does not have the feeling of remorse. He does not repent. He is not even feeling bad about missing those chances. Messi at least said he thinks about the chance, how he hit it, that he would like to get the chance back. Nothing from Higuain.

    Serving the country requires sacrifice. If he is more proud to be a husband and father (nothing wrong) he can stay at home and enjoy his time. May be we can have someone who is a little more eager and wants it more. There is no paucity of talent. At the end of the day, the one who wins is the one who wants it a little more than the others.

    • That’s why we don’t want to see him in the team again and again, not just for the misses or crappy performance, but for his fucked up attitude and “We don’t owe fans anything, and we gave it all”.
      He’s done as a player when he’s got sacked by Real Madrid.

  4. And remember this post when they triple team Messi. Aguero is not fit and Higuain cannot score so when we get eliminated 1-0 EVERYONE can agree where the hell is Icardi or Lautaro or Alario or anyone other than the 2 damaged goods we are calling up aguero and Higuain

  5. Why is this interview with this choker even being published? To piss off Argentina fans. Go raise your family you spineless fat ass.
    It’s always easy to spot people with no conviction in their lives. As soon as the questions get tough they immediately change subjects to shit that matters to them and not the matter on hand. Like we are supposed to believe you care about your family more than anyone else on this planet? I hope you pull a hamstring before the World Cup so you can spend some quality time with your family you loser.

  6. rather than feeling sorry for the chances he missed and promise Argentinean fans all over the world to compensate, he brings his family love subject during sport talk.
    this choker is still in shock. he will just keep missing clear scoring chances forever.
    I can not cope any more.
    Damn you Sampaoli , just leave this guy beside his loving family and bring us Icardi or even Martinez.

  7. After awarding Higuain 100th chance… This is the result.. Below is the youtube link.


    This is exactly how we are going to get knocked out. Check out the video. Don’t worry its not the wc 2014 final video. I can never rewatch that game.

    So mr panic attack has set scoring goals his secondary priority..and he is going to be our main man if Aguero doesn’t get fit!! HAHA

  8. The way he gives his interview and his demenor on the pitch reveals this fatty gives 0 fucks about the team or any team for that matter.

    Someone like Gomes of Barcelona seems like a person who really gives a crap. But look at this fattys interview. The critics should bother you shameless prick. You have cost this team over and over and over and over again. If you had even an ounce of shame and guilt you would have retired by now.

    Just retire you worthless sack, or go to gym and loose all that fat you effin fatass.

  9. Higuain is just shit and have no technical ability at least lost .it is high time aguero shut the mouth of some Mundo members and I’m sure those members have some personal agenda against aguero and like to see their reaction after aguero lit up the world cup by scoring goals left right centre.

  10. Higuain oh Higuian , it is not that we didn’t trust that you will give everything for Arg football but you always disappointed us when we need the goal from you in crucial time. Let’s pray that Higuain will end his career with N/T with WC trophy. May this will be your destiny.