Juan FOYTH of Tottenham Hotspur talks Argentina friendly matches

Juan Foyth Tottenham
Juan Foyth training with Tottenham Hotspur.

Juan FOYTH has joined the Argentina national team for the first time, after having to be left out of last month’s squad due to injury.

The former Estudiantes de la Plata man is finding it difficult to get minutes at his current club Tottenham, but Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI doesn’t appear to have a problem having him in the team. Following a training session in Saudi Arabia, FOYTH spoke to the media about the team’s upcoming matches against Iraq and Brazil. Here’s what he had to say:

About the match against Iraq:

“We know that Iraq is a strong team and wearing this shirt, you can’t ever relax because when you relax, the worst thing happens.”

FOYTH also commented on the match against Brazil:

“It’s not a friendly. It’s one of the most important matches in the world and we will do our best to make the national team look good.”


  1. It’s rather tough to beat teams who plays defensively only. Remember 2014 game against Iran. Iraq I m not really sure by the way. But Iran is genuinely very good defensively.

    Wait a minute what am I saying we r playing Iraq where did Iran come by. Well whatever.

  2. @Mrinal1235, little sissy, are you still trying to discuss about football? What kind of football history are you talking about, you fucking idiot. How on earth you talk about football history since your football knowledge started with Messi generation?

    This forum is for Argentins fans, not Messi or any other player’s fans. I bet you are gonna stop watching Argentina when Messi retires from the NT duty, coz with Messi’s emergence the media bombarded you with Leo’s name and you decided watching something called football.

    Do you call yourself a football fan, you fucking asshole!?

    • I am not 100% sure, But I think I have seen a comment about one member from Iraq saying he will support Argentina. It’s perfectly normal I guess, Once in Love with Albiceleste it’s impossible to counter support them. Football knows no boundaries. I personally support Argentina ahead of any other NT. And I always support Argentina players when playing in their clubs, UNLESS they play against Atletico Madrid, Club level is different story.


      This is a sign of respect. It’s not weakness or fear towards the opponent.

      In 1982 WC, West Germany players underestimated the Algerians to an extent that one of them said he could score a goal against Algeria with a cigarette in his mouth, and the rest is history!

      Never ever underestimate an opponent!

      • other thing my friend to show respect and other thing to decrese yourself in level.

        we are Argentina.

        the word “strong” don t fit to one Argentinian to say about Iraq.
        in my eyes is very offending for us.

        i prefer to say
        “Iraq is a good team that in resent years have improve much”.

        this statement could show the respect to our oponent without
        decrese ourselves.

        anyway my friend.
        this is details.