Benjamin GARRE of Man City, Leonardo BALERDI of Dortmund make Argentina U20 team


Argentina U20 coach Fernando BATISTA has announced his squad for the friendly matches to be played in Spain.

A number of big names have been called-up by BATISTA for the Argentina U20 team. Ezequiel BARCO of Atlanta United is included, as is Leonardo BALERDI of Borussia Dortmund and Benjamin GARRE of Manchester City. Here’s the full list of players.

Maximiliano CENTURION, Argentinos Juniors
Fausto VERA, Argentinos Juniors
Agustin ALMENDRA, Boca Juniors
Marcelo WEIGANOT, Boca Juniors
Pedro DE LA VEGA, Lanus
Anubal MORENO, Newell’s Old Boys
Enzo CABRERA, Newell’s Old Boys
Cristian FERREIRA, River Plate
Julian ALVAREZ, River Plate
Manuel INSAURRALDE, San Lorenzo
Gonzalo MARONI, Talleres
Facundo MEDINA, Talleres
Francisco ORTEGA, Velez
Rodrigo VILLAGRA, Rosario Central
Rodrigo GONZALEZ, Rosario Central
Ezequiel BARCOS, Atlanta United
Leonardo BALERDI, Borussia Dortmund
Facundo COLIDIO, Inter
Benjamin GARRE, Manchester City
Adrian GIMENEZ, Real Madrid
Joaquin BLAZQUEZ, Valencia
Nehuen PEREZ, Atletico Madrid


  1. Right now Andrada is the Number 1 Goal Keeper in Super Liga, Before it was Armani, I think instead of measuring performance of a Goal Keeper in some Matches it should be like a full year. Armani was on Fire during some phases of last year, But he couldn’t sustain it. Right Now Andrada is killing it. Lets hope he can sustain for a Year. He is Tall , He is very good with feet, And have good Reflexes too, And is 28 which is a reasonable Age. I think Andrada deserves to be started. lets see what he brings. if he can keep up we can have him at least till the 2022 WC.

    • Buffon is a Legend. He is now 41. He should have retired after his Juve stint. For GK’s 35 is a peak age. Its astonishing Buffon lasted this long that too at the highest Quality Games like the CL’s even if he is a shadow of his old.But still he is miles better than any of the GK’s we have.

      • A player’s age has a direct relationship with his performance until he reaches 30. After this the relationship will be an inverse one. Romero is over 30 right now and will never perform like he did 4 or 5 years ago.

        Are you telling me that you prefer, let’s say, 35-year old Buffon over 28-year old Gigi? SMH

        Take any player ( whether a golie or an outfield player) as an example and you will see his performance has declined by the time he hit 30. The most consistent player I’ve ever seen is Messi and although he still is a goal scoring machine, his overall performance isn’t the same as he used to be.

        Romero’s time is over!

        • Nope i m note saying Gigi 41 is better than Gigi 28, No way. Younger versions have better Reflexes, Its Logical only.

          What i m saying is Gigi at 41 is still better than any of our GK’s.

          And i have always been saying that , Romeros’ cycle is over with the NT, He should have played the 2018 WC(I curse that freak injury for him) At least he would have satisfied that he has given it all to the NT.

          Now that he missed the WC he want to prove again, Sighsss. that’s why its better let him play for us in the Copa and then after retire for ever for the NT.

          Never been an ardent fan of a GK who always feels comfortable in sitting on bench (For some reason he finds proud in that), Have u seen his latest interview, So much arrogance, that itself is enough to kick him out. Hope we finds someone good Soon.

        • Im not defending his performance right now because I haven’t seen him play. What i do knows is that critics have been calling for him to benched for a long time now.


          i’ve heard this one over and over again but his actual performance completely counters that point. Romero was amazing at Wc14 and copas, easily one of the tournaments best goalies. Romero is an anomaly where his league playtime has not impacted his ability to play well for the NT.


          Now the age thing is being parrotted repeated ad nauseum even though there are countless examples of goalies doing well at that age.

          Again, if he’s unable to perform for the NT, then bench him but if not, “Age” and “lack of league playtime” is irrelevant, find another excuse.

  2. There is a chance if inter lose against ac milan tommorow the spaletti might be sacked and replaced by esteban cambiasso who I belive can give 1st team chances to facundo colodio,convince icardi to return to inter milan and make lautaro martinez&icardi partnership work and who knows cambiasso might turn out to be a good coach

  3. De La Vega ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    I have a gut feeling that finally the Stars are aligning back for Argentina, Menotti’s appointment is a huge bonus for us. Things will be good now . With in next 10 years hopefully we can win at least 3 Trophies. Have to say Tapia did something good. Only thing left is a Coach to guide the Senior NT for next 10 years. I would love to see Gallardo. Scaloni has been okay for us till now, But i m not sure whether he is the one who should lead us for the next 10 Years. May be he can sometimes being a fresher also helps.

    • Agreed mate AFA finally doing something
      Right tapia is doing very good
      Cesar monetti appointment is absolutely crucial at this moment he likes Gallardo
      A lot he prefer him more then simeone And others which is correct.

      I heard Gallardo is on his way to be Argentina NT manager very soon I can imagine gallardo coaching likes parades lo celso foyth lanzini
      Palacios de la Vega and almada Balerdi mammana taglafiaco g montiel
      Leading and captain by Lionel Messi 2022 in qatar becoming world champion
      Because I believe messi deserve to win World cup after what he gave football In general

          • We see Valverde is better than luis Enrique against roma last year, let’s see how barca fares against man utd not a single barca fan convinced with Valverde the way barca playing which isn’t barca DNA at all

          • So what luis enrique lost both la liga and champions league beside having best attacking trio in the europe he had MSN at prime.Pep gaurdoila had xavi, iniesta, messi and dani alves at peak. But valvarde’s is dependent on one man. When valvarde was in athletic club and valencia they used to play attractive football.

      • Gallardo is a good coach but if Scaloni manages to take Argentina till copa america finals or maybe even win it then Scaloni might stay as coach for longer time and Scaloni tactics remind me of Sabella who took Argentina to WC 2014 final and selecting menotti as director was brilliant so lets see how everything goes in upcoming friendlies for senior and U20 Argentina side

        • Good point fella it’s certain
          If scaloni wins copa he will
          Stay plus you right about his
          Tactics is like sabella but the
          Problem is ceser menotti doesn’t
          Like that stlye he likes attacking hight Pressing with intensity that is why. He regards Gallardo so highly

          • if AFA had more money then maybe it would have been good to see them hire a foreign manager like Jurgen Klopp who MADE clubs like Borussia dortmund and liverpool into brilliant teams who before his coming were in crisis and is renowed for his pressing tactics which menotti likes in case Scaloni fails to get expected results

          • Mate Argentina don’t need
            Forgein manager they have
            Plant of young managers who
            Plays nice attacking football
            Like seb beccacece heinze.
            Coudet plus pochettino and
            Af course the father of hight
            Pressing with intensity football
            Marcelo bielse

    • I like Pochettino for the long run. He’s got international experience since PL is one of the top notch leagues in Europe and he is a great motivator. Look what he did with the Spurs. I think if AFA has a serious project and it seems so since they appointed Menotti as GM they should consider Pochettino a valuable option.

  4. Franco Vazquez scores a very good header against Slavia Praha, Mammana’s back into the Zenit squad after quite somewhile and crashes out against Funes Mori’s and Caseres’s Villareal(who (both) were trying desperately to gift Zenit goals!). Not to mention Benfica ,Chelsea and Valencia who are also through to the Europa League quarter finals. Not a single post for them!

  5. its a wonderfull list good to see young talents like benjamin garre,facundo colodio sice it is a friendly it is fine to call new names but maybe benjamin garay of real madrid should have also got the chance but i am more interested to see adrian rodriguez gimienez a GK of real madrid castilla who seems to have great potential only disappointments are gaston avila,adolfo gaich ,pourtau ,roffo,thiago almada and santiago sosa not being called up but since this is a friendly match it dosent matter much they will be in U20 world cup team hopefully

  6. For me Batista is absolutely making
    Right calls now.his playing idea
    Is even better. the most important
    Thing. AFA finally putting thing together
    In right way this is strongest squad for under20s I have seen years even
    Thought i think he should including thiago Almada but Velez have lost form lately So I can understand that