Joaquin CORREA included, Argentina preliminary list of 40 for Copa America


Joaquin CORREA is the last player to be included in the Argentina preliminary list for the Copa America.

After securing the Coppa Italia for Lazio with a goal, CORREA has now found himself in the list of 40 players. Coach SCALONI had initially announced a list of 31 which was followed by five more to make it 36 and three more to make it 39 players. Joaquin CORREA now makes it to the final 40 players.

Lionel SCALONI will cut that down to 23 on May 30 for the tournament in Brazil. Here’s the final list of 40 players:

Esteban ANDRADA, Boca Juniors
Franco ARMANI, River Plate
Agustín MARCHESIN, Club America
Juan MUSSO, Udinese
Gerónimo RULLI, Real Sociedad

Gabriel MERCADO, Sevilla
Gonzalo MONTIEL, River Plate
Juan FOYTH, Tottenham Hotspur
Renzo SARAVIA, Racing Club
Nicolás OTAMENDI, Manchester City
Walter KANEMANN, Gremio
Germán PEZZELLA, Fiorentina
Ramiro FUNES MORI, Villarreal
Nicolás TAGLIAFICO, Ajax
Marcos ACUNA, Sporting CP
Leonardo SIGALI, Racing Club
Milton CASCO, River Plate

Leandro PAREDES, Paris Saint-Germain
Guido RODRIGUEZ, Club America
Giovani LO CELSO, Real Betis
Roberto PEREYRA, Watford
Rodrigo DE PAUL, Udinese
Exequiel PALACIOS, River Plate
Ángel DI MARIA, Paris Saint-Germain
Matías ZARACHO, Racing Club
Iván MARCONE, Boca Juniors
Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ, Atlanta United
Manuel LANZINI, West Ham United
Ignacio FERNANDEZ, River Plate
Maximiliano Meza, Monterrey
Erik LAMELA, Tottenham
Gaston GIMENEZ, Velez

Lionel MESSI, FC Barcelona
Sergio AGUERO, Manchester City
Paulo DYBALA, Juventus
Mauro ICARDI, Inter
Matías SUAREZ, River Plate
Lautaro MARTINEZ, Inter
Ángel CORREA, Atletico Madrid


  1. It would be Criminal to LEAVE OUT DE PAUL. Man is best rated ARGENTINE after Messi and Aguero in Europe. He provided 3 assists in first half only against SPAL now. He is better defensively than Dybala and Pity. Argentina’s best LM player as of now. Fuck you scaloni if you left him out

    • I think Scaloni will get the boot after Copa. Even now , he dosent seem to have the core of team ready. 40 player selection reflects how confused the coach is . He is going the sampaoli way. Only if AFA had continued with Martino post 2016 . The team was building from strength to strength then .
      Our GK selections will be badly exposed in Copa. I will go into Copa with no hope & just want to enjoy some good football from NT. Positives will be if young stars like LoCelso, Palacios,Lautaro play well & establish themselves in world stage.

  2. Kanneman was vital for Scaloni and he was good too. Now a disaster may happen. FUNOS MORI… What a nonsense player he is in defence. Full of errors.

    The problem is whenever we dont like anyone, no matter what good they do we will still disagree with that. Now the list of 40 makes sense, NT games time nears injury season starts for most of our players. Great.

    • I guarantee you if kanneman got rule out
      Because of that injury scaloni will take
      Funes mori and that is scary ask
      Tim vickery about funes mori
      He is the worst pack up you could
      Have we must pray that otamendi &
      Pezzela stay fit plus we have mecardo
      Seriously something definitely wrong
      With Argentina coaching staff
      Do you guys telling me arg doesn’t
      Better defenders than mecardo and
      Funes mori? This joke plus I’m hearing
      He will leave out lanzini that is mad.
      Simply lanzini is the best creative player
      Arg have right now forget de Paul or lo celso .Lanzini is better creative player than them

      • Mori for some reason is a favorite of most of the coaches. I really don’t know why. And we are moving towards the inevitable combo of Otamendi-Mori and the year is 2019. Damn.

        Lanzini is always good but unreliable in terms of fitness. Made of glass.
        As of now Nacho looks better shaped to replace Zaracho.

  3. It’s so easy to drop players like
    Dybala and icardi why is so difficult
    To leave out likes di Maria mercado
    Let me myself clear I don’t like icardi
    He shouldn’t be no way near the nt.
    But it’s so unfair some players got
    Their place almost guaranteed when
    Comes international tournament
    Forget friendlies that doesn’t count for me
    I will wait and see if scaloni has ballls
    To drop some players whom think
    As long messi is there they will be there
    When he announces his final 23.
    I wish messi retired from nt after
    Last world cup ..

    • I see your point but blaming Messi for it is ridiculous.
      Just think about it, why does Messi keep coming back? Money? he’s a millionaire already. Fame? who doesn’t know Messi? To prove he’s the best player on the planet? who doesn’t know that simple fact is one of 3, stupid, doesn’t know football or just a plain hater.

      SO WHY? because he is desperate to bring home a trophy just like he did when he turned Spain down and said, thank you but no thank you, I AM AN ARGENTINE, and yet we ridicule and criticize him, shame on us.

      • Mate i don’t have no problem with messi
        He is simply the best player I ever seen
        He has done very well for the nt
        In fact he carried a lone Argentina nt
        For last few years but the problem is this
        Messi always comes with package .

        • Icardi and Dybala both are still massive for our qualifiers and next Copa. They r key players for us. No question about that.

          Let’s see how long we are gonna hang on to Di Maria, Aguero etc. They will become outdated soon.

          Sadder part is Icardi and Dybala has lost a lot of key matches for them. For some reason they both seemed cursed.

          Personally I would take Icardi over Dybala. He is a Cold blooded predator in front of goal. Which is an attribute none of our other strikers have. A rebel. No question about that. Damn he ruined his chance. Dybala meanwhile was destroyed by the Mfker Cr7.

    • Dybala and Icardi had horrible seasons (Icardi off the field problems too), worst of their careers, 32 years old Di Maria still had a great season 18 goals 16 assists. simple as that, its fair not the opposite…Meza, Gonzalo Martinez, Matias Suarez etc. here are the jokes

      • Yh true meza is joke matias Suarez
        I only saw him the last two friendlies
        I saw people overhype him but
        I thought that was bit too much
        Based two subs he came in
        Personally I would take Joaquin correa
        Over him .
        Pity Martinez I would still take him
        Over the headless chicken
        But reality is scaloni will take di Maria.

        • Di Maria 90 out of 100 plays great for his Club. That’s a fact. The funny part is people still believes Di Maria is not gonna be a Headless chicken for the NT.

          I just hope that he is shown a door to outside the NT after the Copa, just like how Romero is shown the door outside.

          Face it, they won’t retire.And they won’t do good for us. So it’s better to flush them out.

  4. i don t see any reason to afraid Brasil.
    i understand that it is not easy to win them especially if we see our strange condition but there is no reason to afraid them.

    in many times in past we win them even if in paper we had worse team than them.
    Argentina never was afraid them ,Argentina don t afraid now and Argentina will never afraid Brasil.

  5. Our arch-rival didn’t need 40 player squad to confused the team!

    Brazil Copa America squad: Alisson (Liverpool), Ederson (Man City),
    Cassio (Corinthians); Dani Alves (PSG), Fagner (Corinthians), Alex
    Sandro (Juventus), Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid), Thiago Silva (PSG),
    Marquinhos (PSG), Miranda (Inter), Eder Militao (FC Porto); Casemiro
    (Real Madrid), Fernandinho (Man City), Arthur (Barcelona), Allan
    (Napoli), Paqueta (Milan), Coutinho (Barcelona), Neymar (PSG),
    Everton (Gremio); David Neres (Ajax), Richarlison (Everton), Firmino
    (Liverpool), Gabriel Jesus (Man City)

    • If both Brazil and argentina tops their group the we will face Brazil in semi final , i am not worried about that overrated Brazil we can beat them in their home groundif argentina plays with clear objective hope scaloni will surprise us but i am worried about Uruguay it will tough to beat them if they reach in final.

      • True, Argentina feel nervous in Finals plus Uruguye is strong in defensively according to me favourite for copa, Brazil is defensively week like with aging defender and overrated attacker, if Argentina v/s Brazil in semi final then 100% Argentina win it even outside chance of 7-1 but to beat Uruguye defense Argentina will face difficulty like previous copa finals.

      • The problem Argentina never ever won in Brazil against them, never, and if a remember well Brazil lost in the history only one time in their home soil, against Germany (1:7)…except this they are unbeaten in every qualifier!!!, WC and Copa America match, and the problem draw wouldnt be enough…Armani cant save a fckin penalty for his life. Man im not jokin bring Caballero to the Copa, and sub him in 119th minutes before the penalty shootout (4th sub is avalaible), the guy is one of the best penalty killer of the world with Handanovic and Daniel Alves.

      • Mundo members needs to understand that some players can play in early 30’s if they inform and their fitness level is good and better than selecting a player just because he is young who contribute almost nothing.
        Even some guys here doubts even messi won’t be able play in WC 2022 because he will be 35 but truth at even this age his fitness level is better than most of our young players like lamela, lanzini, zarcho………..

        • Yeah true if the player looks after
          Himself than he can play till late 30s
          Examples zanetti maldini Giggs
          They all play till 39 or 38 very good
          Level and af course messi will play
          2022 in Qatar I’m sure himself is targeting that.
          But it depends on how the copa America
          Ends if Argentina win messi will carry on
          If the nt finishes in such negative way
          Like last world cup than it maybe
          different story that time around.

  6. Lets not criticize Scaloni this early, he must have thought something.
    My 23 (4-4-2)
    GK-Andrada, Marchesin, Musso
    RB-Saravia, Mercado
    LCB-Otamendi, Kannemann
    LB-Tagliafico, Acuna
    DM- Guido, Foyth(can backup as RCB too)
    CM-Palacios, Lo Celso, Paredes
    WIDE MIDFIELDERS- De Paul, Di Maria, Pereyra
    LF- Messi, Either of Correa
    RF- Aguero, Lautaro, Matias/Dybala
    The one mentioned front should be first choice:-)
    Come on Scaloni We support you until you become Sampaoli of WC.

    • Yes, Ansaldi and J.Correa will make our attack “DEVASTATING”.
      Dude that is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. You need to check yourself. A 32 year old hack defender who spent the majority of his time in shit leagues and Correa who hasn’t even played 100 minutes for the NT through 3 managers…
      What a DOPE.

        • I think trolls get a bad name. They have a place in sites like this. You know why? Because people like you get their underwear in a bunch when they get called out for saying the dumbest shit possible.
          I have watched football longer than you have been alive most likely. But when somebody make a dumb shit comment they deserve to be called out. It shows that you know next to nothing about the game and really discredits every other comment you have ever made.
          The national team aside, if anybody in the footballing world saw the same thing you do in these two stiffs they would be playing on much bigger clubs. However they are not. You know why? Because your assessment of them is wrong. I am being kind when I say this. This means you have no clue what you are saying by including these two. Then you attack me for calling your silly ass out. The truth is your feelings are hurt because somebody caught you saying something inexplicably stupid. Own it and take it back. You’d earn a lot more respect from people on this board if you did that then keep fighting a moronic argument to say you are right. You aren’t.

  7. If i were the coach ,i will suggest two things that is very important.

    1, players running ability and speed are very important. just look at Liverpool

    2, tactics should be different .You should have speedy players to counter attack at the same times you must practice full team attack and using Joaquin Correa’s One touch no look passing tactics which you need to have speedy and skilfull player such as messi ,di maria ,Benjamin garre, Joaquin Correa

    • Liverpool won because they are good in corners or corner kind of sotuation,tactically they are not good.Barca does have good headers in team and they ocasionally take corner that costed them.No team can thrive in every or most aspect of the game or any player unlike Messi C.Ronaldo.

  8. IMO,Ascacibar is not that good enough to be mascherano successor.

    I recommend two players First one is JUAN FOYTH ,second is Rosario Central’s JOAQUIN PEREYRA 。

    Mashcerano ‘type DM is outdated. Nowadays DM should be box to box .Tall ,Fast ,Able to pass ball through midfield, sometimes need to long shot .just look at pogba .Only JUAN FOYTH,JOAQUIN PEREYRA have those ability to be modern DM

  9. Lessons learnt over the dry years… bring on any Argentine player we don’t mind (we have come to that stage now) but pls bring the Copa home.
    used to be so choosy, never anymore.
    ‘bring the Copa home’ that’s all

  10. 40 players!? Honestly! And it’s even more remarkable that even with 40 players inform ones like Benitez, Barboza, J.Silva, C.Romero, Escelante, Robertone, N.Dominguez and Ocampos don’t even get a mention.

    Lamela and Lanzini are world class players….when fit, which almost never happens sadly!
    Ascacibar deserves to be selected but unfortunately that ridicules incident that got him a 6 match ban clearly indicates that he still has some maturing to do and he’ll be short on match fitness.
    Gaston Jimenez has been quite good for Velez but why no mention of Dominguez or Robertone who have been just as influential? What am I seeing that Scaloni and his staff isn’t ?

    If the final list turns out to be very similar to the rumored one a few days ago then it would be a good list but without the proper tactics, a defined core and a recognizable playing style I’m afraid the outcome doesn’t look good 🙁 I just hope Scaloni proves me wrong.

    • I respectfully disagree with you mate
      Lamela is not world class let’s not
      Kid ourselves lanzini on his day
      He is world class and he will be
      When he plays full season under
      Pellegrini next season without
      Injuries distract. I have big regards
      For lanzini even I believe he is better
      playmaker than lo celso.
      lamela’s case nothing but
      He has been disappointing.

    • I always say scaloni is not suitable for national team .No experience ,No tactics and always choose wrong player

      IMO the following player should be recruited.

      GK Romero ,Juan Musso, Walter Benitez ,Damian Martinez, Paulo Gazzaniga

      DF: L Godoy ,Montiel ,Otamendi ,Pezzella, Barbosa, Cristian Romero ,Lisandro Martinez ,Alexis Soto,Alexis McAllister, Lucas Robertone

      Striker : Messi ,Di maria ,Aguero ,Facundo Colidio,Lucas alario

      MF: Joaquin Correa, Lucas Ocampos,Gonzalo Martinez, Benjamin Garre, Bebelo Reynoso ,Joaquin Pereyra,Juan foyth

      1,promote Benjamin Garre ,Facundo Colidio To national team
      2, two DM for future they are Juan foyth and Joaquin pereyra .
      3, using tall man Alario ,J Correa, Ocampos ,Di maria ,Juan foyth ,Barbosa
      4, dybala,icardi must out unless they improve their running ability and one touch passing skill
      5, using J Correa ,messi ,Di maria ,lo celso, Aguero combination
      6, practice different tactics such as one touch no look passing , counterattack, one on one defense with 442, 433, 4141 formation.

      Vs Brazil using counterattack 4141
      Godoy # otamendi #pezzella#L Martinez
      Di maria #lo celso#j Correa#Ocampos

      Vs other team using 433 full team attack full team defense , one touch no look passing
      Montiel##Foyth#Barbosa#L Martinez
      #######Joaquin pereyra
      ##lo celso#########J Correa
      Messi ###############Dimaria

    • You are right Mamoun. I was for years for call up Gaston Gimenez but currently it’s better to invest with his teammates like Robertone and Dominguez. Robertone would be perfect replacement of Zaracho however to me not over Nacho Fernandez.

      • Even though Gimenez is a deep lying playmaker while Dominguez is a DM, in Velez they carry out the same tasks (reclaim the ball and move it forward) but I think Dominguez is better at moving the ball, more creative and more of a goal threat even though he’s much younger.

        Nacho is good, I’m not against him being in the 23 man squad to be honest but I personally am more impressed with Robertone than I am with palacios, zaracho or Nacho.

  11. Only 1 player, who was suppose to directly replace Mascherano was Ascacibar. He is not even in the list of 40?and he hasn’t even played too. Anyway the coach will have his reason, but he is the brightest player of that particular generation. He will be back soon.

    Lamela, Lanzini both came back, Nacho, J Correa. We can’t complaint it’s a near perfect player selection. I m glad that the Era of Romero is over under scaloni.

  12. Agustín MARCHESIN
    Milton CASCO, Leonardo SIGALI, Walter KANEMANN, Gabriel MERCADO
    Guido RODRIGUEZ, Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ, Maximiliano Meza,Gaston GIMENEZ
    Lionel MESSI, Matías SUAREZ

    4-4-2, what a fantastic lineup! Absolutely love it!

  13. Breaking News: Dybala to be selected, icardi out.

    Likely Squad:


    Lo celso
    De Paul
    Angel Correa
    Di Maria


  14. i can’t predict scaloni coz we haven’t seen much of him ……..but whatever little i saw of scaloni i can say one thing for sure he doesn’t like to concede….he is more of a defensive minded coach…..ah!! i hope in copa we don’t have to rely on messi’s magic and our world class no.9s to score goals frequently…..i want midfielders and full backs to contribute more in the final third.

  15. Still think this is the best team
    Montiel#otamendi#pezzella#L Martinez
    ###lo celso ####Joaquin Correa
    Messi ################di maria
    Montiel #otamendi#pezzella#L Martinez
    Di maria #lo celso #JCorrea#Ocampos

  16. Joaquin Correa is Argentina’s most promising player in Europe behind messi, aguero, dimaria .

    He is very versatile. Very fast ,technically very useful ,can be false 9,Striker ,wingers, playmaker with 189cm height ,eyecatching dribbling ability and one touch passing skill .I think he is the best partner to messi ,di maria and aguero

  17. I have never seen a list of 40,that implies Scaloni still hesitate on the formation and the players to use, at less than 1 month and half… I will always support the team, more than ever, but really don’t think we can win it. The truth is young players are not ready yet. The mature guys are out of form(Icardi Paredes Dybala Lamela Lanzini) and we can only rely on the most senior guys again and again

  18. I understand you need the list in case of injury but the reality is we hardly have 23 world class players. Our stars are either near the end of their career or just beginning their career.
    I’d say more than half these guys aren’t even getting regular minutes in reír European clubs but they bitch about not being called up. SMH

    • What had mammana done this season to secure a place in selection? Did you ever watch zenits matches?
      Benitez should have been included but I can understand why he is not. Benitez only came to prominence this season (around october) so it will take time for him. I am sure he will be considered after copa

      • Mamana is out of form ….until now scolani’s team selection is prettygood eccept the case of goal keepers…andrarda and marchasien is somewhat okei but armani is lol….meza too…even pavon was a better option than him….foyth is not so matured to be a national team material…c romero may be a good option..iam satisfied with all other players