Lionel Messi scores for Barcelona, Angel Correa gets winner for Atletico in Spanish Super Cup


Lionel Messi and Angel Correa both scored for their respective teams as Atletico Madrid won 3-2 to reach the final of the Spanish Super Cup.

Atletico Madrid took a 1-0 lead but it was Lionel Messi scoring the first goal for the Catalan’s. A lovely dribble and shot inside the penalty area would draw Barcelona level.

Barcelona would take a 2-1 lead before Atletico would make it 2-2 with Alvaro Morata scoring. Diego Simeone’s men would finally get the winner through Angel Correa. He would be through on goal against Neto and while the Brazilian shotstopper got a touch, Correa’s effort was too much and was the winner.


  1. Lo Celso with a crazy miss, the guy is Betis-caliber at maximum. rather be the king of the dogs, than the dog of the kings, argentine midfielder motto, Leverkusen, Udinese, Betis, Zenit the perfect clubs form them, PSG, Spurs, Inter etc over their qualities, mental abilities.

    • “Lo Celso should be deported to Mars for that miss” “Can’t believe professional footballer like Lo Celso on multi milion euros contract misses empty goal from 1 meter , better chance than that one he won’t have again.”

      I have zero faith in young argentine midfielders, zero…this would be Lo Celso last match under Mourinho regim after Foyth.

    • @ casablala

      Seriously your comments are a joke! It’s one thing to be critical but it’s a whole other thing to revel when a player has a bad game, it’s like you enjoy it when an Argentine player has a bad game, which is clearly the attitude of a troll/hater.
      Celso was voted by Marca as one of the best midfielders in Spain and you think it’s easy to own la liga, score 16 goals all the while playing for a mid table team in a strong league? What about Pogba and Coutino? They failed at the so called ‘big clubs’ that you seem to love so much, do you see any of us calling them ‘dogs among kings’? Grow up man!
      Againt with the Udinese s**t. You don’t seem to understand the concept and significance of a player performing well in a small club at a big league, that’s what De Paul is doing and that’s why Inter, Napoli and now even Juv are seriously interested in him.
      As for ‘ Leverkusen’, yeah I need to remind you that Palacios was *this* close to signing with real had it not been for his injury.

      I’ve heard you talk non sense time and time again and you don’t seem to learn, or maybe you just like to troll. You said Celso was loser who isn’t even good enough for Betis and then he started banging in goals and that seemed to shut you up until now. Then you called Lautaro a ‘perspective benchwarmer’ and now you’re kissing his ass and a few days ago you praised A.Correa even though a few months ago you were sure that he was gonna warm the bench for Atletico. So how about you just sit down, relax and wait for the season to end before you start dissing and passing final judgement on players.

  2. Juan foyth’s career at Spurs is as good as over. Today against Liverpool Jose is playing an untested 20 year old tanganga in the back 3 defence foyth hasn’t been included in any. Of the last 3 matchday trips so sad I tnk he shud submit a transfer request come summer and also scaloni must not select him for the Copa America

  3. Right, Correa will not be called up by Scaloni. He had been called before and didn’t perform well. Alario and Ocampos are better and suit with Scaloni’s playing scheme. However Correa need to move from Atletico and get more plenty playing time not just as a super subs

    • He’s not a supersub and never has been one, he always played regularly for Atletico. The only reason he was on the bench at the beginning of this season was because he wanted to leave in the summer and ofcourse Simeone wasn’t gonna start someone who wanted to leave, never the less Correa regained his starting place with good performances and hard work. In saying all that I agree with you that Correa needs to move from Atletico because Simeone’s defensive style continues to blunt his potential. I can see him doing really well in Ajax, Napoli or even Liverpool.

      • If I am not wrong, both rojo and Romero had a great season back in the year 2017, although the latter one earning less starts than the former one and it was under Mourinho only.

        Back in those days, MU used to have a good reputation when it came to Argentine players , when legends like veron ,tevez and heinze played, but now it’s all over.

        Same with Barca and Madrid ,now they are more into Brazilians than argentines .

    • No the past is the past. I believe that the players of the new generation will fit well both clubs, especially Manchester, they need players. Most of those young players of this team are very overrated. Many Argentinean players have their place in the 11 especially the attacking midfielders. I think of Lo Celso, De Paul and Buendia.

  4. This Barca is done, too slow too passive. It’s worked for years because they had players very capable of keeping the ball, once that’s gone, it’s become a very vulnerable team. Even with 3 defensive midfielders and a Griezemann who defends a lot, this team still appeared very unbalanced. Suarez is almost the only player who can help a bit Messi in attack.

    • I don’t blame on their coach, ok he is average but actually he is trying to change Barca style because it’s no more possible to play as before without Iniesta and Xavi. For example he use 2 DM, play Messi as 10. The idea is not so bad. Its just hard to make it work because their hiring decision is always weird. He does not have right players for changing. Some senior guys have too much power in the dressing room. They got to sell Busquets, Pique, Alba, Rakitic and Sergio Roberto.

  5. Hopefully Simeone can win a prize again. It’s been a few years since the last one.
    The people that want Correa back in the NT should re-watch the last friendly against Germany.
    Correa was awful, did not defend well or sometimes not at all against Germany’s wing back and was rightfully substituted. We have plenty of better players for our forward line.

    • I like him a lot too but seems hard for him to come back indeed. Currently NT need more a right midfielder than a winger, someone defend well and can drop deep to create and to link. So that Messi can focus more on attack. Correa is actually not even a natural winger so it’s tough. In his favourite position we have already too many players including Messi and Dybala. It’s a shame because we need fast player in attack able to break the lines.

    • ??? Simeone one of the best defensive coach knows it better imo that Correa can defend or not, one mistake is nothing, he was always good and dangerous for us, and Tagliafico? He played horrible again vs pacy wingers, again and again, France match was not enough? Absolute panic, Correa cant defend instead of him too, a striker only help in defense, we played in 4-3-3. If drop Correa for one bad match drop Tagliafico too for his countless bad performances.