Juan Brunetta replaces Fernando Valenzuela for Argentina in Olympic qualifiers


Juan Brunetta has been named as the replacement for Fernando Valenzuela in Argentina’s team for the Olympic qualifiers.

Brunetta’s club Godoy Cruz confirmed him as part of the team through their Twitter account. He will join Fernando Batista’s squad for the Olympic qualifiers which begin this week in Colombia.


  1. I have been fan of Setien since a couple of years and I posted here I was happy for Lo Celso when he joined Betis.

    Setien will probably do the opposite thing of Valverde: Valverde tried to play differently because he realised that without Xavi and Iniesta, nothing could be the same. Setien will play back the possession football. I guess it’ll be a 3421 or 352, with more support for Messi.

  2. Stetien is the new coach of Barcelona. As someone has mentioned he could keep an eye on Lo Celso since they worked well together at Betis. Interestingly, Stetien’s last signing at Betis is Guido Rodriguez. Now, there are reports that Barca is interested in Ávila, ironically, Stetien’s Betis were also interested in him.
    Rio Ferdinand has recommended Almendra to Manchester United. PSG considering Barco as Neymar back up.
    Dortmund and Schalke are following Lucas Castellanos from MLS.
    Klopp is looking at Buendía as a Mane replacement but his only concern is Buendía’s lack Of goals.

  3. Why there is so much hype for Lo celso,we have already seen his disaster in Copa America.Defensively he is very weak,not physically demanding,weak shooting foot,can be easily outmuscled,not creative.We should search for other player.Lamela would be better for Argentina than Lo celso.Lo celso has talent but he needs time to grow.Premiere League is best place for him to grow if he can adapt to it and become more fast and physical.

  4. Mostly Mundo fans likes and follow closely Barca because of Messi; he is the el-capitono and also his performance in the club replicate his form and mood with N/T. The more Messi is happy with his club daily , the more happier we are. Beside Barca is too big not to be followed; the pointer of every club

    Valvarde rely on Messi with no creativity and improvement on the team ; just make the trio Messi,Suarez and Greizman did their job to score as much as possible, the team is too slow and loss the rythm of tika taka, right moment to revitalize and reform with new fresh coach

    • Amoung them only de Paul is the regular starter Guido Rodriguez might also become a regular starter given his quality paredes has returned to warming the bench because of gueye and verratti returning to main xi . Dominguez might nail a place in the starting xi if he puts in good displays . Lo celso also needs to prove Mourinho he is worth it to become a regular . palacios I tnk will only be slowly integrated to the main xi possibly after havertz leaves maybe

    • personally i don t care at all about Barcelona. i don t like them.
      But just because Messi a lot of people support that team and i find it logic to be honest.
      exist fans of Barcelona inside here but i don t have problem about that.
      everybody have a team which he support outside the Argentina national team.
      it is very normal.

        • i see your point my friend and i don t blame you just don t be so hard with people. i will use myself as example.
          this period is dead period for our beloved national team.
          i should wait two months more.
          very big period and really i am bored.

          if i add and the fact that my beloved club River plate is some weeks now in dead period too then it is easy to understand in which terrible period of time i am.

          so in this period everybody i believe can speak for something outside topic because otherwise this place will be empty and really i don t like it.


        • godin11, nagh..no such rule exists. Generally, mundo members like chat about clubs with Argentines and obviously Barca will be discussed since it impacts Messi. i welcome more posts/commentary about futbol tactics, even if its not related to Arg,..and of course comments on Arg players and clubs with Argentines. The more the merrier!!

    • @godin11,

      It is not just about 1 player. Barca philosphy was always about beautiful play and winning titles….there were many of us including me who dreamed of having a Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol etc in the Argentina national team..

      Ultimately, If there is a argentine playing actively in the club..you would see this forum talking more about it..Nobody talks about Real Madrid..they won the supercopa..

    • i dont tnk walter benitez has carried his previous season form to this season but still i want to see him in the argentina main team,pezzella and senesi havnt played well look at fiorentina’s position in the table. i have watched senesi’s performances for feyenoord and he is slowly adapting he hasnt reached the european level if u dont believe then check the goals feyenoord have conceded .rest of the team is perfect but bro u have placed buendia as a right back