• Kristoffersen Britt posted an update 7 months ago

    Simply put, heat pumps utilize the hot (geothermal) air outside and processes that air to provide warm or cool air (reverse process) through a ductless or ducted unit into your home.

    Warmtepomp are very energy efficient and give the homeowner comfort year round no matter the season. These units are a popular choice among homeowners today for their home heating and cooling from Tampa, FL to San Diego CA and even up into Canada.

    Gibson – This company has been around the block and produces air conditioners and heat pumping units with split system setups, in 13 SEER fixed single stage, 15-16 SEER variable speed two stage and 14 SEER variable speed single stage systems.

    Coleman – Coleman produces split system heat pumps that is an outdoor unit using electricity for the power source. It’s highly energy efficient using the reverse cycle process for summer home cooling. Ductwork is required to carry the warm or cool air into various rooms throughout the home.

    Daikin – These units are ductless, energy efficient, safe, compact, offer no excavation or digging installation and provide comfort year round as well as provide sanitary hot water for the home. These units are usually wall-mounted and require no ventilation or duct work.

    Trane – Trane manufactures several models including their ultra efficiency XL20i and XL16i, super efficiency XL14i and XL15i, high efficiency XR13, XR14 and XR15 and standard efficiency XB13 and XB14 units. The ultra efficiency models include ComfortLinkII technology that allows for communication with indoor units (when present) and telephone capable setting changes when you set up the TAM feature.

    Some brands of heat pumps use hydronic technology to grab the outside air which makes them even more efficient and usually quiet. Hydronics are considered a refrigeration process where the hydronic heat pumping system moves heat from a body of water or the earth into the home. Those using a body of water are referred as open-loop systems and those using the earth are referred as air source systems. These use a lot less electricity which also saves money for the homeowner.