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  • @ebo I tried to reply but it came out funny.😔 anyway, since you’re an Argentina supporter, how is $25?

  • hey, all. I hope someone can help me … where can I watch Argentine matches please? I live in Boston EEUU. Years ago, Fox Soccer aired them; then I tried some online sites, but they dumped so much crap on my computer that I gave up. I used to really enjoy those games – way more exciting than the EPL! Vamos!

    • ok, I think i can get this reply to show properly this time! Anyway, how does $25 sound for a fellow Argentina supporter?

    • hi ebo can you please text me at 6175013845 – That will be easier than using this site. I can also send you a pic of the ticket so you know it’s real – I didn’t know how to do it on this page! My friend and I will be arriving on Monday and staying near the stadium, so we can meet up anytime from Monday afternoon until the match itself, whatever’s…[Read more]

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