• Davidson Skovbjerg posted an update 6 months ago

    One way to reach a larger market in the contemporary city business landscape is by using a video production company. Video is now officially the most popular corporate communication medium. A 2016 KPCB Survey predicts visual content will constitute 74% of all internet traffic by end of 2017.

    An Animoto Report says 7 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube and Facebook alone with over 70% being shared. The same report says 1 in 4 shoppers lose interest in a brand that has no visual content on its website. Over 75% of online shoppers believe an advert explaining a product is important and it helps them make a better decision.

    Saving Money on Video Production One of the major concerns when it comes to making business is the cost. Small and medium sized businesses in the city are already grappling with other financial expenses and they feel that hiring a professional videographer for video production is an unnecessary cost.

    If you are planning to invest in a video campaign for your local business, below are strategies you can use to save money:

    Use a full-service production company: You should look for an established company that offers a one-stop-shop for all film related solutions.

    Tampa video production from corporate/ brand/explainer/promotional/ education/training, and event videos. Other services they should offer include videographers, 2D/3D animation and editing. Using a single company saves the cost as you can bargain for a better deal.

    Utilize your staff: One thing local brands forget is that viewers actually like seeing the true nature of their business. Using your staff in the productions will not only save you money but also help you create an emotional touch with the target audience.

    Plan thoroughly: You must avoid cost blowout through intense planning. Focus on every content development stage including a project brief, discovery meeting, and plan of action (PoA), script development, casting, production schedule, editing and revisions. You should never compromise on quality because this ends up being even more costly. Instead, focus on each stage and avoid costly revisions.

    Utilize available resources: No one said you have to pick out-of-this-world locations for your project to work. Instead, look at free locations and other available resources to cut costs.

    Short and focused productions: Avoid long winded videos because viewers will lose interest and won’t share. A short and focused advert for instance, communicates instantly and enjoys better ROI.