• Dillon Zachariassen posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Videos have become one of the most popular communication channels on the net in recent years. And technologically, it is quite easy to create and post videos on the Internet to increase business presence. However, most people do not understand that what they post could affect them personally – including their business. That’s why video production should be left to the professionals.

    Videos should be visually attractive

    A company’s
    web design and any correlating videos can make any site more visual and attractive. Plus, an online video improves traffic. A user stays on a site without videos for an average of 20 seconds, while with a video, the average time is around five minutes.

    With video marketing, you’ll get an original presentation of your business or new product, allowing customers to get a better idea of your business. Think of a new TV commercial – it works the same way!


    A video improves the amount of trust shared by (future) customers. By presenting their business in this way, owners say a little more than just a written description. Enterprises reassure their customers and, thus, they will feel better about purchasing something from you.

    Videos can be shared through a simple link in an email, on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), video sharing sites (YouTube), and so on. The good thing about technology is that people can see your videos across multiple devices.

    Natural SEO

    Your company’s videos can improve its SEO numbers, that is to say, its search engine positioning. Remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and is, itself, very well referenced in Google.

    professional website , products and services are no longer enough because consumers, prospects, and customers are looking for plentiful amounts of pleasures, emotions, and sensations. Savvy
    design a website have ventured into experiential and sensory marketing.

    What is consumer experience?

    Consumer experience is an interaction between an individual and an object that is pleasant, meaningful, and memorable. It is no wonder, then, that video marketing has the wind in its sails, becoming one of the most popular forms of marketing. It is as successful in presenting the product as it is in highlighting the services attached to it.

    Thus, video marketing allows, during the prospecting phase, a company to gain an audience. And, during the engagement phase, it helps companies to stimulate interactions and accompany sales with more conversion rates. It builds loyalty and facilitates the transformation of customers into ambassadors of the brand.