• Ray Hawley posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    The challenge

    The challenge many of us are facing while watching a good TV show with sound at our most comfortable level is that we may be disturbing persons around us. These people may not be interested in our TV show, and especially not the sound from it which may be perceived by them as noise.

    The situation

    Let us say you are watching your favorite TV show. You really want to enjoy everything – sound and picture. There are other persons in the room. They may have other interests and does not care much about your TV program. Perhaps they want to do some reading and wants quiet surroundings. Therefore, they may kindly request you to turn down the sound. As you well understands the reason for their kind request, you turn down the sound a little bit.

    Ishq Mein Marjawan is still acceptable to you, but not at your preferred level any more. But as you are in a cooperative mood, you accept the situation until a new request comes along.

    Turn down the sound a little bit more, please.

    The compromise

    When you have found the balance between you’re enjoying sound level and their perceived annoying sound level… you and they might be equally unhappy. So it is a balanced compromise! The dissatisfaction is equally shared. A good compromise? This is a compromise most people make is a situation like this. But sound level is no longer at you preferred level – and the people around you may have enjoyed more silence.

    The solutions

    The are several good product solutions on the market. All of them involves a good headset. Such a good headset serves at least 3 purposes:

    If the headset is of good quality, the sound quality will be excellent – a lot better than from the TV speakers.

    The sound is heard in stereo – a big "night and day" advantage.

    If the headset is equipped with big earpads – the headset will block out much of the surrounding "noise".

    There are many good headsets on the market – wireless headphones for TV, Cable wired headsets and Bluetooth audio receiving headsets.

    Wireless headphones for TV is especially made for this purpose. Price and quality varies.

    Cable bound headsets which plugs directly into your TV’s "line-out" port may give good sound. Price and quality varies. One disadvantage is the cable across the floor which you by accident may stumble into.

    Bluetooth headset wirelessly connected to (paired with) a Bluetooth transmitter with the input signal from the "Line-out" or the SPDIF port (optical digital output port) of your TV. Please note that a Bluetooth headset also can be used to listen to music from other devices as well, like from your smart phone, tablet and your PC.