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    The traditional process of ordering treated seeds takes place many months before planting begins. Farmers must speculate what type of treatments seeds will need, how much seed to order, and how long the growing season will last. This is a serious problem because climate conditions are becoming more and more unpredictable every year.


    Ordering treated seeds through large corporations is expensive and often wasteful. Seeds cannot be saved from one year to another, so if all do not get planted the remainder of the seeds are wasted. It is also possible that farmers get stuck with seeds that will not be treated for the soil conditions by the time planting season arrives. That is also a waste of money because the yield will not be as high as anticipated.

    Saving Money

    Seeds that can be treated just before planting will allow farmers to have more control over the seed treatment process.

    fungicide can be responsive to the conditions at planting time and select treatment blends accordingly. Only the needed amount of seed is treated so there is no waste. Proper treatment coverage is better because seeds are treated in small batches and require no bagging or handling which can cause treatments to rub off the seeds.

    That saves farmers a significant amount of money each year. Most farmers enjoy a full return on the investment after the first year of treating their own seeds. That means the savings from each year after that is profit.
    glyphosate from dependency on large corporations alone is worth the initial investment.


    Innovative farmers worked with engineers and scientists to create a box seed treater that can be used right on the farm. The machine is called My YIELD and is offered in three sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large farms. Flexible financing is available, and the cost of the machine includes the on-farm set-up. There are a variety of treatment blends available in small bags.
    glyphosate who have created a custom blend can request that as well.

    Endless Possibilities

    When planting season arrives and there has not been much rain, seeds can be treated with drought protection. If the winter has lasted longer than ever before, a growing enhancer blend can be added to seeds to still provide a decent crop. Farmers can experiment with blends and use less chemicals and more natural ingredients to improve their yields. Learn about this opportunity today and determine how much money can be saved on the farm.