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    What makes you happy? How do

    Inspirational Words get happiness? Let’s start with an example. Happiness for most people includes experiencing feelings of joy, pleasure and well-being.


    How do you get to joy? First, you need to recognize what brings you joy. Then you need to be able to figure out what conditions are required for those elements of life to be part of your life. Which leads you to the starting point of figuring out what you want to put into your life. Followed by figuring out the steps needed to make that happen.


    How does pleasure arrive? It’s the same process, isn’t it? Discovering what brings you pleasure might involve taking a look around at your life in order to recognize what it is that you find pleasure to mean. Then to make that happen, you might figure out what exactly it takes for you to fit those things and what they mean for you into your life.


    How about well-being, how does that work? Again, it depends to a large extent on determining exactly what well-being means for you. Once you know what it means for you, then you can prioritize seeking ways to put that meaning into your life.


    Generally, putting something in your life requires taking actions to bring those things into being. For example, well-being might mean the basics of physical fitness.


    Suppose physical fitness is what you want as part of what happiness means for you. That’s something specific enough to set as a goal. Setting a goal is followed by choosing steps to make that goal happen.


    Your first step toward physical fitness might be eating the kinds of food that make your body fit. You could begin choosing those foods, in the proper quantity.

    Your second step toward fitness could involve giving yourself sufficient exercise. Walking is often a good way to start!

    Your third step may be allowing yourself to get the right duration and quality of sleep. Setting up good bedtime routines helps!