Sergio AGUERO, Roberto PEREYRA, others arrive to Argentina Copa America camp


Sergio AGUERO, Roberto PEREYRA and a few others have already arrived in Argentina for their Copa America training camp.

With the European league season all over, Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI is getting his Copa America squad assembled for training. Manchester City star Sergio AGUERO as well as Roberto PEREYRA of Watford have joined the team.

Training is expected to begin on Monday despite not all of the players being available. With the Champions League final taking place on Saturday, Tottenham’s Juan FOYTH will likely be the last person to join the team. Here are the eleven players which trained:


Pablo AIMAR and Walter SAMUEL are also both part of the Argentina staff.


  1. The past few days were some of the finest days for me, coz two very good things happened in the same day.

    1) Argentina U20 winning the openning match and leading the group.

    2) My team (Valencia) beating Barca and lifting Copa Del Rey which made many Barca cry babies (@Little Sissy and @Choripan AKA Casu Marzu included) cry like idiots.

    Mundo is a forum for Argentina National Team discussions, but these spoiled brats want to come here and post topics about a team that has nothing to do with Argentina NT except our captain captains them and that’s were our similarities end.

    I’ve been supporting Valencia and Fiorentina for a long time and these two teams are part and parcel of my life, but when I want to talk about them I go to their forums and discuss there the topics relate them.

    @Choripan (AKA Casu Marzu), when I first saw your posts and read many of them right after the 2018 WC, I said to myself “one of the many «soon-to-be Argentina fans» through Lionel Messi is working very hard to grap the attention of Mundo members and show himslef as a die hard Argentina fan who lost his sleep over the team”. But at the end you were exposed and you showed your true colours (Being a Barca fan, and not Argentina).

    It’s really great watching Barca lose and Barco win.

    @Casu Marzu (Choripan), welcome to my world, dear asshole.

    This empty headed Little Sissy is crying so bad these days and that caused him to describe other mundo members “Hyporites” 😂😂😂

    Stop crying, you fucking faggot!

    Finally, I hope our team win vs Portugal and display a better show than the last one.

    • Yeesh. What a cringe post. only highlights your deranged infantile view of the world.

      All I said it doesn’t bother me if anyone talks about players and their clubs. As long as there is a healthy discussion about footie and our players, then so be it.

      yet here you are, like Hitler youth ….. Demanding, insulting, and miscontruing.

      For no reason, you dragged me into this but that’s ok, I expect that from a deranged infantile psychopath.

      As for your lovely words about being a “real fan”…. lol ….I won’t dignify your verbal poop with a response.

      To be continued…

    • @dadir10 here comes filthy mouth uncivilized moron ,messi hater . Your ass is always jealous with messi as he cheated with your wife . Don’t open your filty mouth cunt. Vaencia won first trophy in 10 years and bragging your ass you moron.

  2. Diogo Dalot and Ruben Vinagre. Both are immovable wingbacks for Portugal u20. Since those two are running their career on most competitive league in Europe, EPL, no wonder they become key players of Portugal since they have spent hundred playing times under their belts on both clubs. Good at both offensively and defensively, they supporting both Jota and Trincao well from behind. It will be an important task for either Ortega or Mura/Weigandt to covering the wide areas. Surely this match will be enjoyable and exciting to watch. Vamos Argentina !!

    • My take- Roffo GK
      Weingandt, Perez, Medina and Ortega the 4 man defence
      Sosa the base of the diamond headed by Ferreira with Almendra and Vera on the right and left side of midfield
      Barco on a roving role just behind Gaich

  3. Good luck and best wishes to Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel.. Nice to look at Cesar Menotti again leading the N/T , maybe he can bring back the glory of 1978. Hopefully the staff are more alert and work smart to bring of the best from their selection players, no more bad substitutes and scheme or tactics this time. Have more fun and enjoy each game. As a fan we wish them all a great tournament and bring back the Copa trophy to Arg.





    This might be the one they tried but few changes will be there for the final 11

  5. Its such a joyful season for Papu Gomez in his recent days for Atalanta. Secured their place in UCL next season, finished as the Serie A 18/19 player with top assist alongside Dries Mertens with 11 points, and got his name listed in every Serie A Team of the Season version made by three big Football Canal, that are Opta, Goal, and Whoscored !!
    There is no doubt about him. This guy was superb.
    Here is the link if you want to take a look :

    Goal :

    Whoscored :

    • Though it is unfortunate that he was not selected but he is hard working player and offer lots for the team and as well as Christian Ansaldi also

    • whoever have been selected cannot be change. But sad to watch missed Papu Gomez not being selected. Arg have a weakness in mentality so we need a strong and character player like him who have a high spirit and can push like what he have done at Atlanta…

  6. Just for more information, another South American teams, Uruguay, have sealed their ticket to advance for knock-out phase by defeating Honduras 2-0. Anyway, Nicolas Schiappacasse perform looks like little bit of Luis Suarez. Chris Durkin from USA looks similar to Declan Rice lol. Forget that I hope Albiceleste ensure their breakout from group stage with a win against Portugal. Vamos !!

    • by the way have you see Portugal team?
      i didn t have opportunity to watch them.
      what kind of team they have?
      if you have info write what is their power or weakness.

      • I watched Portugal vs s Korea
        Nothing is especially about them
        If Argentina play thier 100%
        Will beat them Portugal and
        S Korea.

        • Haha… Each game is different… If they doesn’t do well against S Korea that doesn’t mean they will not do well against ARG….
          Portugal are favorites coming into the tournament…
          They have the best forward line… the front 3… & good in defense…
          It will be a tough one; We have to be at our best and play well to beat them;

        • Even if Portugal beat Argentina i can do nothing about that;
          Confidence can win you matches but Over Confidence leads to failures, just like what happened in 2010 WC Quarters against GER.
          It’s better to keep our feet on ground and go about doing our work on the field, rather than pretending that other teams aren’t that good and we can easily beat them;

          • Mate I’m not over confident
            I know Portugal is good team
            But I saw them playing I didn’t
            See anything to fear them
            But you were trying scare us
            Listen mate anyone can beat
            Anybody on thier day and I don’t
            Disrespect any team we going to face.
            What irritates me people sgin here
            advertise any teams keep mention
            Thier players.

      • cox4
        Actually bro i didn’t observe Portugal well before but i think their strongest abilities are their through balls, both long balls and on the ground. And their attacker, Rafael Leao and Trincao, have good movements off the ball which make them easier to get freed from their opponents defence marks. Sorry if i’m wrong.

        • thank you for the information my friend.
          you give one picture to have idea about our opponents tomorrow.
          this is what i wanted.
          i hope tomorrow we will take 3 more points.

    • I’ve watched the Uruguay game as most of the tournament. This Schiappacasse is successor of Cavani and Suarez. Imo he is not similar to Suarez though. All the tournament games you may watch full on some Polish site, if anyone interested I’ll send you the link tomorrow.

  7. Off topic. I was wonder why Garay was out of the NT last year. Mystery like Zanetti(2010), Riquelme(2002), Redondo(98), Cambiasso(2010). What happens in Argentina?

  8. I find it funny how unknown names show out of nowhere whenever a tournament is upon us and POOF disappear as sudden as they appeared!

    Cant wait for it to start and get that first win.

    • yes i see that and you are right.
      just i find it logical in same time because the national teams is not in the attention of people generally as often as clubs.
      if exist one tournament then automatic people turn their attention to national teams and all the other period of time they have their attention to the clubs they support.

      this is not disturb me really.
      do you know what disturb me?

      the fact that some people put in this forum their fight about Barcelona.
      like the rest of us we care if barcelona winning or losing.
      exist number of people here that they are fans of Messi/Barcelona and not necessary fans of Argentina.

      for the fans of Argentina and not Messi/barcelona/Argentina fans is really disturb this thing.
      personally i don t like this thing and makes me angry sometimes.
      but i don t speak and i try to avoid put myself in this fights.

        • have you see me fight for River plate here with somebody?
          have you see me to speak for River plate for the club news?
          the only time i mention my club is when somebody speak to me and for some reason it come up.

          i don t speak for my club here.
          i never open subject for River plate here.

          Anyhow you are Barcelona fan and it is fine by me.
          i don t care at all about what is your team. you are free and welcome to be as you like.


          this was my point only and i did not mention any person here because is not my business to judge nobody. as i said before i avoid put myself in this fights and really i stop this subject here because i don t want to fight with nobody. not to fight with you or any other person here.

          • We dont fight here for Barcelona we fight here for Lionel Messi who captain and the best player of Argentina NT whose form ,performance and mental condition matters alot . You can call me a non-argentine fan or whatever you want i dont cate at all.
            I love Argentina and I love Lionel Messi and Barcelona.
            I dont some people here like Gonzalo always gets irritated whenever i talk about Messi and his performance like he is not even an argentine player.
            @Gonzalo you are always unhappy whenever messi performs i remember when messi scored a hattrick against ecuador and dragged us to WC you were critisizing calling and not looking happy.
            When he performed against Columbia and we won 3-0 you were calling it one man team.

          • “I dont some people here like Gonzalo always gets irritated whenever i talk about Messi and his performance”


            exageratting and generalizing is most dishonest form of argumentation. You are throwing easily words like “whenever” and others general quantificators which are “irrefutable” but you can’t prove that. Simply this is not a truth. I comment Messi club performances very, very rare. Rare than anyone in here. Recently almost never, either he is shining or losing with Barca. I don’t care anymore about his club form because I don’t see straight translation of this to NT.

            So stop spreading bullshit about me reacting upon every “Messi”.

          • Arbitrary lines at this point.

            clubs whether or not they are in Arg or not, are like an extension of the NT. We get see our favorite NT players play during season.

            Overall, i could care less about clubs really but its something to support along the way and people naturally want to say something that relates to the NT players in the forum. As long as it doesn’t consume the dialogue, theres nothing wrong with talking about Barca, Spurs, Juve, etc.

          • This is not arbitrary. This is fact. Argentine is Argentine. That makes difference. Unfortunately a lot of people is more happy to see Barcelona winning CL, even if only 1 our player is there (and his club success has little influence on our NT), than, for example, see River winning Copa Libertadores by eliminating several Brazilian, Uruguayan or other clubs…

            Spurs, Juve, City, PSG or any other club topic never was discussed like Barcelona case. This is not the same. No one care much and long if City is getting eliminated from CL, even if they have more Argentina players than Barca. But when Barcelona was kicked out, it’s like theme for days.

          • i know an ARG club is different than a Spanish club like Barca, thats obvious.

            i meant you’re creating arbitrary lines as to what people can talk about it. You have to keep in mind that is is a sport blogs about Argentina. The admin writes articles all the time about european clubs and people come here to discuss. Again, i don’t think there is anything wrong with talking about players and their EUROPEAN clubs because they truly are an extension of the national team. Players in form for club benefit the NT greatly. Very rare do you have players where league form doesn’t matter.

            As for watching european tournaments vs local tournaments, it just comes down to preference. Ive watched local since the quality is so much lower than Europe, I find it hard to obsess over.

          • And of course people are going to talk about Barca because MESSI is on that team. I really dont get why his stature bothers you so much. Hes a god living among men, no shit hes going to be obsessed over. lol. Do you know how many fans Maradona had? Same shit different era.

          • “The admin writes articles all the time about european clubs and people come here to discuss” ???

            I don’t know where he writes but not here.

          • “Again, i don’t think there is anything wrong with talking about players and their EUROPEAN clubs because they truly are an extension of the national team. Players in form for club benefit the NT greatly”.

            No need to show innocence and naivness because you know very well no one (me too) have problem to allow others talk European club football. Barcelona case is apparently different because the way people react, or rather, overreact, for the team is incomparable to other clubs.

            “Players in form for club benefit the NT greatly”.

            As I said before, clearly not the Messi case. Excluding significant club form declines, which I can’t see in him for years, following him in Barca so closely gives very scant information about what may happen with Argentina NT within the time. This is simply little relevant. Messi will be same, now only the others may make significant difference that give Argentina title finally. He will giv his portion of genius but we need more…

        • @Mrinal1235
          Its perfectly normal to have healthy discussion about Messi ,Barca or even about clubs that has nothing to do with Argentina or it’s player . This is a football blog and any kind of football related healthy constructive discussions should be welcomed!! Sometimes the discussions can get a little heated but we should all try to avoid personal attacks, as at the end of the day we are all albiceleste fans!! 🙂

      • About the new every-tournament, ephemeral members coming in big numbers when it’s about feast like Copa or WC:

        during Copa they will join us as always and learn the old everyday members about ortodoxy: how should be your behaviour to be called Argentina fan; what kind of critic is acceptable and what kind is not. During these tournament days old members will minority and feel like incidental ones.

    • Here comes an another idiot with this bullshit narrative. People have life beside this forum on like you. They can show up whenever they want. Get a life.

    • Well, just like billions of people on the planet becoming football fan in all sudden for 30 days everytime WC comes around.

      ..and the cheesiest part if how they usually support any team that play well and when team is beaten they”ll support another team as if they’ve been lifetime supporter of the team they just started to support 2 days ago.

  9. Cool to see greats from various generations involved, from El Flaco Menotti, to El Muro Samuel, El Raton Ayala and El Payaso Aimar.

  10. Lol i suddenly wondering if all eleven of them which trained today gonna be our starting XI. Here goes my silly prediction :

    ……. De Paul – Aguero …….
    ………….Lo Celso……………
    Paredes – Guido – Pereyra
    Tagli – Mori – Otam- Saravia

    Just joking lol

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