Marcos Acuna Racing

Marcos ACUÑA, BUFFARINI rumored to be called up

Edgardo BAUZA will be announcing his list of players for November's qualifiers on Friday and there's some names rumored. According to reports, Marcos ACUÑA (Racing) and Julio BAFFIRINI (Sao Paulo)...

Lionel MESSI nominated for FIFA Best Men’s player

Lionel MESSI has been nominated for the FIFA Best Men's player award. MESSI has made the top 10 players list once more and is one of the favorites...
Armando Perez

Armando PEREZ to head the AFA, news on new coach

Armando PEREZ will head the AFA until the next elections. FIFA have elected Cordoba's Belgrano president Armando Perez as the head of the AFA until elections are held in the...

Lautaro Martinez better scoring start than Lionel Messi, Gabriel Batistuta, for Argentina

Lautaro Martinez has a better scoring ratio for the Argentina national team than Lionel Messi, Gabriel Batistuta and other legends. Despite just turning 22 years old, the current...

Argentina club Boca Juniors Confidential documentary available on Netflix

Netflix have partnered with Boca Juniors and released a documentary about the Argentine club. In a different type of news, Netflix have announced and released a Boca Juniors documentary. Here's...