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    Termites can only be killed with powerful chemicals – period. Detection traps are first placed every five to ten feet in the ground. These traps have the advantage of eradicating settlements while preserving the environment. Pest Control technicians must be contacted since these experts are the only people with enough knowledge to lay the traps in the right areas.


    pest removal

    If the presence of termites is confirmed, baits containing a retardant insecticide are used. The termite ingesting the pesticide returns to the colony before dying. Inside a home or business, the treatment often involves an injection made in three stages: drilling, injectors, then injections to deposit the curative biocidal product.

    The floors of a cellar require a line of injection made by drilling vertical wells (directly above the walls). On clay floors, insecticides should be spread over the entire soil surface. For the treatment of perimeter walls and partitions, the injection line is made by drilling horizontal wells in the walls (as close as possible to the finished interior floor). Some walls are treated by grid lines, which are horizontal wells drilled over the entire height of the wall.

    For structural wood homes and businesses, the treatment is started at a level higher than the infestation using a double injection process. All structural woods are treated by injection throughout the property.
    flea control with a dual surface application. If you are unsure about any of the above information, contact a pest control expert before moving forward.

    Treatment steps

    Termites can cause damage to any home, especially if that home is designed of mostly wood. When they enter a building, they dig tunnels to find food. Once the termites have located the wooden elements of a structure, the wood is dug from the inside and, thus, becomes weakened.

    If termite control is a must, a technician will come to the property and provide a free diagnosis. Two types of treatment exist, trap systems and chemical treatments. The trap system treatment involves the installation of natural soil stations around the house to prevent termites from entering the house.

    A check is made six weeks after the stations have been laid. The technician checks all outdoor and indoor stations and monitors the entire area to determine if any new colonies have emerged. As
    rat control , if termites are still present in the house, chemical treatments are used.

    The technician must make holes in the exterior and interior walls, in the frame, and in the joinery (door frames, windows) and injecting a chemical. Some fungus treatments may also be used.