• Claudiolopez posted an update 4 years ago

    Do you guys see the irony? For the last decade or so we’ve been boasting with confidence about our attacking players yet when it comes on the big stage they falter.

    Our defense who we don’t have faith in have always done what they needed to do. Heck even our keeper has stood up to the plate. But our forwards have been disappointing when it mattered.

    They play really well I’m Europe but for some reason can’t seem to keep their composure with the national team.

    Our team needs to learn discipline, the mentality of winning and how to play as a team rather than wanting to be individualistic. Until we learn the basics of football like the Germans we will never be winners with the way we play as a team. Once again it has been proven no matter how many superstars you have if you don’t pass well, not dribble unnecessary and have a cool head in front of goal you’ll never be winners