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    In The South, they are called Snowbirds, retired northerners who spend from October through April living in the milder climates of Florida or California or other locations in the Sun Belt region. Many of these travelers make the trip every year by driving.

    Many Snowbirds make the trip traveling in a motorhome. These types of vehicles provide travelers with many advantages without all the hassles of a big RV. Traveling in a class b motorhome enables Snowbirds to more thoroughly enjoy the drive.

    Snowbirds that make the drive to and from these warmer climates each year often have specific locations they stop and visit, meeting up with other Snowbirds along the way.

    If you are a Snowbird or just a frequent traveler, a class b motorhome provides many advantages for your travels.

    Money Savings

    One of the most practical advantages is the ton of money you can save. Airfare and hotels are expensive, stressful, and disappointing.

    Flights get overbooked and cancelled, stranding travelers in airports across the nation. With all the security checkpoints in airports, the lines of people waiting their turn to be frisked can grow quite lengthy.

    Staying just a single night in a reputable hotel isn’t cheap, and while these places oftentimes look surface clean, in reality the beds are potentially home to droves of bed-bugs. Sure, they change the sheets daily, but how long has it been since the blankets and bedspread were cleaned?


    Traveling in a class b motorhome literally allows you to have all the comforts of home while away from home. Snowbirds have much more flexibility when in route.

    Stopping when you want and however frequently you want means you set your own daily schedule. In a motorhome, travelers don’t have to stay in just one place. If

    Snowbird Weather turns bad, you can easily pack up and drive to another more appealing location.

    Features of a Class B Motorhome

    These types of motorhomes are easy to drive since their size is more akin to a passenger van than a long RV. They provide all the conveniences of home such as beds, bathrooms, kitchen, entertainment area, and living space.

    While class b motorhomes vary in size, these vehicles are easy to maneuver and are not at all intimidating to drive. And the price of a class b motorhome is also not intimidating.

    A class b motorhome costs a fraction of the price of an RV, so it has become more sensible to purchase a class b. Another way to knock that price down even further is to purchase a premium used and like-new class b camper van from a reputable dealer.

    Just like with a new car, owners absorb and suffer tremendous depreciation in the first few years. Smart buyers skip that step of wasting money and choose the more economical path by purchasing a class b motorhome camper van that guarantees the same quality for a fraction of the cost.

    Models such as the GMC Savanna Camper Vans and the Chevrolet Express Camper Vans offer stabilitrack with a lower center of gravity.

    Invest your hard-earned money in a class b motorhome and enjoy the comforts of increased visibility, a greater turning radius, and a low-profile aerodynamic high top that decreases wind resistance and improves gas mileage.