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    MacKenzie, especially, was looking for a confidence boost. The sniping defenseman, acquired at the trade deadline from Calgary in part to add offense for the blue line, hadn’t recorded a reason for 11 games — no small good reason that the team had struggled offensively recently (2.9 goals per game and a 3-7-0-1 record).

    BYU – Brigham Young beat undefeated San Diego State producing a strong argument to obtain a Top 2 ranking in this week’s Top 25 particular study. Then they crashed and burned against . New mexico?

    There is facility to multiplayer on many of web sites. This means you can challenge and compete along with other players all across the world. While happen to be challenging other competitors using their company nations your game will probably be more thrilling and fantastic.

    UCONN – UConn suffered a tough loss to Louisville this week but have played a formidable season significantly. No one expected them to compete this well and they’ve won every game they were expected to win.

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