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    Historically when considering Mitsubishi 3 models really springs to mind. The reliable workhorse that is the Shogun which although often seen on the school run is additionally the preferred decision for discerning country folk which avoid life for the hard shoulder with older Land Rover Discoveries by way of example.

    Then who could are not able to be not aware the simply outrageous Lancer Evo series which have been tearing up the black stuff for a number of years now.

    Nevertheless the distinct lack of a fuller selection of models in recent times has left Mitsubishi somewhat outside the cold in england generating it quite hard for dealers to position themselves and given them a bit of a presence crisis. What i’m saying is in addition to farmers and petrol heads what exactly is offered for that average buyer.

    Attempts were created to offer some alternatives but interim models shipped in direct from Japan things tended to have worse before they were given better.

    Well I’m very happy to say that Mitsubishi have really got their act together in recent years and work with an old sales cliche now have something for everybody. The model range is currently fully consolidated with offerings in the wacky new i range by way of the rugged brand new tipper.

    This joined with service intervals on brand new models and the build quality and reliability which are symbolic of the Mitsubishi name definitely takes a closer look.

    Mitsubishi dealers now offer the full post sales package that is certainly first rate. Service plans can be purchased across all new models which effectively offers fixed price motoring. These plans may also be transferable with ownership that’s an extra.

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