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    King Wood Platform Bed Frame
    Something you may want to look at when considering a king size bed frame is one made out of wood. I know that people generally go 50/50 on wood. They either go for metal or wood and I suppose they both have their own benefits and each person has their own personal taste. The reason why I like wood so much is that it looks good in just about any room you put it in. Metal is fine and everything, but it just feels cold when you have it. Wood is something that works for a room and that is why I like the king wood bed frame. There are a number of wood frames that you can get and the most popular are the ones known as a platform frame. It’s just sort of like that name suggests; a platform. This is something that looks pretty good and you can usually get drawers attached under it, so it turns into a bed and a storage place for all your clothes. It’s something you might be interested in if you have limited space. You should definitely browse through all the items that are available and you can use the link below to do that. Best King Wood Bed Frame I’m a big fan of the Nomad platform bed frame and you can get a pretty good look at it in the picture to the right. That is what the frame looks like without drawers under it and if you plan on purchasing it, that is how it will come. If you want drawers for it you can simply request them. But this is a very strong and simple frame that you can get. It has solid kiln-dried hardwood, so that is going to work well for you and support more than enough weight. As you can tell from the image it has a very simple look to it and that simple look really allows the bed to look good when you get your bedspread and things on it. If you would like to learn more about this particular frame please use the link below.