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    Twenty states and the District of Columbia have all passed the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Several other states have a referendum on ballots to determine if residents are open to passing a law for medical cannabis use.

    Some of the difficulty encountered by proponents of legalization is public perception of changes in the behavior of patients allowed to purchase cannabis. They do not understand the differences between medical cannabis and illegal marijuana used for recreational purposes.

    The Recreational and “Home Grown” Version

    Illegal marijuana is grown by sellers, is not regulated, and can be laced with filler elements. Joints, for example can contain more sage than actual marijuana. There is no way to determine the ingredients in dark alleys or park benches.

    Buyers purchase product at their own risk and have no guarantee that the marijuana will be of high-quality. Both parties risk jail time if caught by law enforcement officials. Safety is non-existent and there is zero recourse if an adverse reaction leads to an injury or death.

    Medical Cannabis

    This process is regulated from seed to sale and most companies that operate a cannabis dispensary select products from high-quality growers. After the cannabis is harvested, it goes through a manufacturing process that produces extracts to be used in medical products. Chemicals are separated and used by scientists to develop specific formulas to accommodate the condition, pain levels, and treatment plans of patients. Discover detailed information by clicking here.

    marijuana bong of the Chemicals

    The psychoactive component is called THC, which is short for tetrahydro, and helps patients cope with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, exhaustion and weakness. These products are beneficial to chemotherapy patients, for example. This chemical brings about many side effects, so products contain a small amount of the other chemical known as cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce those.

    marijuana cigarettes has no psychoactive properties and causes minimal side effects, if any at all. Products that are CBD dominate are excellent at relieving the constant pain of patients with inflammatory conditions, epilepsy, and neuropathy, among others.
    marijuanas effects that have a balance of both THC and CBD relieve chronic pain and symptoms are they worsen without harmful side effects.


    Patients in those twenty states cannot be prescribed medical cannabis without meeting specific qualifications. These will vary from state to state but typically require certain diagnosis, proof that tradition methods of treating pain or symptoms are not successful, and frequent follow up visits to monitor dosing and degrees of relief. Physicians are educated by leading medical cannabis companies, such as Vireo, and are provided consultations to assist with determining which products will most benefit each patient.