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    Destination weddings have become very popular with couples who are planning a wedding. Getting caught up in
    beach wedding dresses of saying vows in Paris, Greece, or even having a Hawaii wedding is fun and exciting but it not always practical. While these weddings are often affordable for the couple due to special deals and packages that include a ceremony and a honeymoon, they are not affordable for most guests. Unless the couple is wealthy and can fly everyone to the destination, there are a few elements to consider.

    Be Honest

    One of the major questions couples need to ask themselves is do they want guests or scenery at their wedding. Wedding pictures amongst the vineyards of Tuscany will be stunningly beautiful but may only include the couple. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can save a great deal of planning, stress, and expense. If that is what the couple desires, the situation is ideal.

    There may be a few friends or family members who can afford to make the trip, especially if they have enough notice. Pictures will include closest family and the ceremony can be videotaped and shown at the big reception when the couple gets back home. The atmosphere will be more relaxed and casual, and everyone will have a fun time.

    When Family and Friends Are Essential

    Couples who envision the day as a celebration with many family members and friends will need to re-think a destination wedding and get married closer to home. It is possible to have the best of both worlds. Couples can get married locally with as many guests as they prefer, and then book one of the Hawaii wedding packages that combines a simple ceremony with a paradise honeymoon. Pack the dress and tux and get pictures after the ceremony on the beach or with a volcano in the background.

    Be Prepared for the Drama

    It is important for couples to realize if a destination wedding is chosen, there will be family and friends who will not be happy. Reactions will range from happiness and good wishes to disappointment, hurt feelings, and guilt trips.

    maui hawaii wedding to handle that is to remain calm and explain that it is your wedding and that is what is desired.
    hawaii destination wedding cost will have made the decision after much discussion while family will be hearing about the plans for the first time. Be patient and let the shock wear off before taking any responses to heart.