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    Is SEO Important In 2020, Explained (With Stats)
    Is SEO Important In 2020, Explained (With Stats)
    To learn more, and discover how we can help, just visit processes 3.5 billion searches per day. That’s nearly 40,000 search queries per second.
    -Internet Live Stats, 2020

    68% of online experiences began with a search engine today.
    -Bright Edge, 2019

    39% of purchasers get influenced by a relevant search.
    Ahrefs, 2020

    88% of people now perform some online research before making a large purchase. Either online or in-store., 2017

    70% of the buyer’s research is done before they reach out to a salesperson.
    Pardot, 2020

    Ranking well in search engines enables your buyers to research on their own while learning about you on their terms.

    47% on customers’ view 3 – 5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesperson from that company., 2018

    80% of people prefer clicking organic search results over paid.
    Hubspot, 2019

    31.7% of Google’s organic search result clicks go to the #1 result.
    Backlinko, 2019

    And 75.1% of all clicks go to the first three search results , combined.
    Backlinko, 2019

    63.8% of consumers recognize paid ads and will avoid clicking them.
    Hubspot, 2019

    70% of Google search clicks were to organic results. 30% going to Google Ads.
    Safari Digital, 2019

    566% Organic SEO is estimated to be 5.66 times better than paid search ads today.
    -SEO vs PPC: Hubspot, 2019

    Between 2.6 and 3.4% of all clicks on Google go to paid ads.
    -Moz, 2017

    800% Google drives 8 times more traffic than all social media channels combined., 2019

    Search is the single largest traffic source for every niche, and in most industries it drives the majority of the web traffic., 2019

    300% Organic traffic drives 3 times more traffic to website than social media.
    -Hubspot marketing statistics

    1000% Search engines are 10 times more effective than social media at driving traffic to shopping sites.

    SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate

    57% of B2B Marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.
    Hubspot, The Future of Content Marketing

    And 70% of marketers now see SEO as more effective than PPC today.
    Databox, 2019

    While 61% of marketers say “… improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.”
    -Hubspot State of Inbound

    And of these 61% who are making SEO and organic traffic growth a top priority, it’s safe to assume your competitors are trying to outrank you too.