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    Till 1985, Bangalore was simply a huge beautiful city. This hadn’t yet get the honorific in the Silicon Valley of India because I remember, when Amitabh Bacchan was admitted with a hospital in Bangalore in 1982 after a mishap where Puneet Issar’s punch jeopardised his life through the shooting of ‘Coolie’, he had to get moved to Bombay because in those days, Bangalore didn’t have any ultra-modern hospital or elderly care facility!

    But today, the scenario is very transformed, due to IT proliferation. Now it is India’s FIFTH full-fledged metro after Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras. Hyderabad and Ahmedabad come after Bangalore. A real quantum leap this city has taken in last quarter of an century that the word BANGALORED found a spot in urban dictionary.

    Bangalore, Poona, Gurgaon and Noida frog-leaped in recent times to get prominent names onto it canvas. Bangalore spearheads their list because of its ideal infrastructure and facilities. The climate is benign. The folks are nice IT information mill galore. Meals is still good despite a definite South India touch. Put simply, you receive Maggie in Bangalore which has a South-Indian tadka and a spoonful of sambar! Jokes aside, Bangalore is a cosmopolitan and is also dotted with all of It big time, small and medium names. City is filled with young IT professionals who’ve lent a fashionable and various dimension to urban India.

    It’s really a you will find many celebrities like Late Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Prakash Padukone, his daughter Deepika Padukone, Waheeda Rahman’s farmhouse, Mahmood’s villa etc.

    The city has all world-class features and facilities. Bangalore’s exponential increase in IT sector has catapulted India on the global tech map.

    The city is currently called Bengaluru also and Bangalore Pin Code is 560001 also gets a passing reference, Bangalore has achieved a good deal recently and the civilized world, esp. the IT sector, calls it a haven as well as heaven for your IT professionals.

    Not only IT, Bangalore has always had a centre of upper education and many renowned academic Institutes result in the city proud. Among the best MBA education institutes is in Bangalore.

    The town has gotten big strides in technology. Many MNCs have their headquarters in Bangalore. It’s indeed India’s top-notch city on many counts.

    India Today carried a complete issue depending on growing and emerging Bangalore in 1983 and predicted that it might be the Millennium City in next two decades. It indeed has turned into a millennium as well as a Silicon Valley City.

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