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    If someone else asks someone else if he’d ever played Angry Birds along with what he thinks about it, see your face will surely provide a positive remark and claim that it is one of several "good apps" he had ever used.

    How can you point out that the applications they downloaded are good applications you aren’t? These apps are chosen depending on their significance and function, whether the application works, or entertains, or another way around. Inside the example above, how did Angry Birds get to this list of fine apps?

    In addition to the fun and pleasure it gives you, Angry Birds is the perfect than average app since it also allows players to practice their trajectory skills and other physics-based theories we learned in college.

    Here is a list of the other factors that must consider before concluding perhaps the applications are perfect applications or not.


    This is a standard procedure that developers test the approval under different conditions before letting it go. This gives the developers a study to operate the application form in extreme conditions, like once the phone is defined on airplane mode or Wi-Fi is disabled. A credit card applicatoin loses its influence and price when it will not likely work with certain conditions as a result of insufficient test runs, leaving the person with questions like what actually transpired and how to resolve the matter.


    No matter the environmental condition is, the string of commands of those applications ought not freeze and might yield a blunder "The application is just not responding and needs to seal." Users will just keep to the message without realizing what may cause larger than fifteen. Obviously, this causes frustration and inconvenience for many years.

    In keeping with its platform

    Each mobile platform has its own list of guidelines how each application will keep a consistent look on its environment. This may cause a much better application because consistency applies to both the gui and overall consumer experience. Windows Phone 7 will incorporate components like text boxes, pivot, buttons, and panorama controls. Meanwhile, apps for iPhone might use standard application bars and navigation controls. Going past the limits could cause inconvenience for your users.


    Game games should show their own feature when compared with other good apps on the market. How must your flashlight apps change from other flashlight apps entirely on the marketplace? What unique feature is there that sets it apart from other flashlight apps? Will it offer other functions in addition to providing light at night?

    Easy about the budget

    Perfect applications can probably be said to be worth the price when they are capable of provide valuable functionality. Moreover, the developer ought not only take into account the design and purpose of the applying, and also the amount of data on the user’s cellphone in order to avoid further charges around the payment.

    No advertisements

    Obviously, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable when advertisement happens while using the mobile tool. This may be a powerful advertising strategy for some, but also for most users, it really is annoying.

    The characteristics of excellent apps discussed above are a few of the a few that decide if these games are great or not. There may be more, you can let share yours.

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