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    Keep Your Pet Warm in Chilling Cold With Dog Blankets

    Pendleton blankets are high-quality in every way and oh so soft and beautiful. When you snuggle under a Pendleton product, you can see and have the quality. Using 100% pure virgin wool, these blankets are lightweight yet soft and warm.

    For over 140 years this family-owned business has been producing products in the Northwest; for days gone by 96 years, Pendleton has been known for weaving top notch wool. The Pendleton blanket originates from a long tradition.
    weighted blanket

    In 1863, Thomas Kay, a young English weaver made a four-month trip down the Atlantic seaboard, through the Isthmus of Panama by burro and up the Pacific coast by sailing vessel. He was headed to a place where the conditions for raising the most effective wool-producing sheep were perfectly ? Oregon. The moderate weather and ready supply of water were perfect for obtaining the most effective wool for sale in the emerging Northwest of America.

    Thomas Kay organized a second woolen mill in the Oregon town of Brownsville, where he supervised the weaving operation and later became supervisor of the company. In 1889, he chose Salem, Oregon to open a mill of his own. His story is really an account of the American dream come true.

    Thomas Kay’s oldest daughter, Fannie, assisted her father and learned all facets of the mill operation. She married C.P. Bishop who was simply an expert with merchandising and manufacturing, firming a solid foundation for what was to become Pendleton Woolen Mills. Their three sons grew into this heritage and, in 1909, with the support of the household and town, the Bishop sons restarted an idle mill in Pendleton, Oregon. Located at a significant railhead, the town was a wool center for the sheep growers in the region. The Bishops constructed a more effective mill building and in September of 1909, the initial products left the finishing department. This is actually the saga of the tradition of quality that can be obtained only from Pendleton.

    Pendleton produced quality Indian blankets utilising the distinctive designs and colors of the Southwest Native Americans. These vivid colors and intricate patterns within the blankets made by Pendleton became sought after. Trade included the Nez Perce nation, expanding to add the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni nations.

    Used as wearing apparel, the Pendleton made blankets became the standard for trading one of the Native Americans and they certainly were highly prized for tribal ceremonial use. Today, these ceremonial blankets by Pendleton are highly coveted collector’s items.

    Pendleton thrives today and the Bishop family still directs the operations. There are now eight facilities and many Pendleton stores. Even today, Native American designs are made in blankets woven by Pendleton but a great many other beautiful, soft and cozy blankets may also be the main Pendleton line. Anybody who owns a Pendleton made blanket is proud of these fine blanket, whether it be a vintage collector’s item or perhaps a new blanket with modern styling. Let’s look at some of a blankets made today by the renowned Pendleton factories more closely.

    Pendleton’s Textured Weave Summer Dreams Blanket consists of Merino wool, the best possible wool available. This wool has the absolute most loft and creates a blanket that’s cool enough for spring and summer use. The 100% virgin Merino wool feels soft, smooth and silky against the skin when you’ll need a light blanket. The Pendleton selection is available in awning stripe, plaid and eight colors. This blanket by Pendleton should be dry cleaned; you’ll only want the most effective treatment for the fine blanket.

    Pendleton Solid Easy Care Blanket is a good choice since it consists of 100% virgin wool that is machine washable! Yes, laundering this blanket by Pendleton is straightforward and easy. The hand of the blanket is particularly lush and with six solid colors to choose from, you will find one just right to blend along with your bedding.

    The All Season Blanket is Pendleton’s mid-weight 100% virgin wool blanket woven in basket weave to include texture. The small waffled pockets resulting from the basket weave causes air to be trapped in winter, keeping you toasty warm. You’ll find yourself pulling this Pendleton wool blanket out the moment the crispy fall air begins to cool. Available colors are green, white and tan and this blanket must be dry cleaned.

    From the Native American collection, Pendleton presents the Courting Robe blanket. Designed by Laurie Jacobie and centered on a genuine drawing created by a Kiowa warrior, this blanket captures the courting custom of the Plains Indians. A new brave would wrap a new woman in a blanket and spend hours talking together are their courting ritual. Red, yellow, green, black, brown and camel get this 82% virgin wool / 18% cotton blanket beautiful. The blanket measures 80 X 64 inches and must be dry cleaned.

    There are many other blankets in the Pendleton collection. Blankets for the bed in classic styles, novelty throws and many Native American designs are produced today, utilising the same high quality that began with Thomas Kay’s daughter and her husband back in 1909. You’ll love these blankets so much, it is in addition crucial to function as the proud owner of several, both vintage and modern.