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    So you’ve finally realised you’re born with no Fashion gene. You walk around the streets, oblivious to why there would are the need for multiple men’s fashion retailer. The word accessories sends shivers down your spine… You think only women must own over two pairs of shoes and foam and a razorblade include the only toiletries you’ll need…

    Then before you decide to know you get up and it’s the 21st Century. Shavers are electric, shirts appear in "fitted", "tailored" and "regular", guys who seem like girls walk arm-in-arm with beautiful women and what’s worst, the majority of the male population appears to have woken up clued up on all this and you also haven’t.

    You feel stuck inside a nightmare. You need new attire.

    With cold sweat still dripping down your forehead, you venture on the uncharted territories in the City Centre shopping district, where window after window, faceless plastic men try to lure you together with empty promises of your slick facelift.

    You resign yourself for the Sirens’ call. With your heart kicking with your throat, you enter the dragon’s den. As you negotiate on your path from the isles like a brave warrior in a shiny armour fighting through the dark hordes in the Underworld, you ultimately get to the Mens’ section – and also this happens when you recognise this isn’t destined to be quite as easy as slaying a dragon: All items feature labels with numbers and letters. To make your health misery someone has decided to get them to come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes!

    You opt to brave the jeans.

    "Relaxed fit", "Boot Cut", "Straight", "Skinny Leg".

    " Ladies jeans online ", you select, is the shape that least threatens your masculinity – now it is simply just a few selecting a number: 28 sounds like a good score, and it is the age Susan, the girls in High-School you needed that immense crush on, would be now.

    Knowing all too well fitting rooms are only for girls, you proudly make on your path on the checkout, grabbing a white shirt on on your path. Since for reasons unknown they don’t really make shirts in a very 28, the proper number sure have to be Susan’s age back in High School: a 15 will fit just perfect.

    With your head high, you stroll home already savouring all of the compliments you will get out of your friends and colleagues, to discover when you finally try them on that the clothes you so proudly marched home with, would barely fit Susan’s slender frame.

    You’ve just wasted another $100. So how do you avoid this from happening again? How do you find clothes that you’re going to wind up wearing?

    First, you must know very well what makes clothes develop you. If you could pick one in support of one quality in the item of clothing – prior to deciding to even consider colour, fabric, pattern or style – that one, essential quality is FIT.

    Remember, such things as colour, style and pattern are subject for the volatile nature of Fashion and individual taste, as the only absolute constant is FIT.

    Whether brown or paisley or pinstripes look great is just a few WHO and WHEN – that’s, personal taste and current trend in Fashion. That is what you’d probably call "subjective judgement". If they fit or otherwise not is objective. They either do or they don’t.

    Have you ever heard someone say "the fit is in the eye from the beholder"? That’s because it isn’t really.

    So, with Fit in mind I am now likely to coach you on one trick that you could implement immediately and that means you will never again waste money on components of clothing that don’t fit.

    Here’s what you will need:

    – A tapemeasure

    – A business card which has a blank back

    – A pen

    – Five minutes.

    Ready? Let’s start!

    There are FIVE sizes every man ought to know about himself – these will help you immediately identify goods that fit you together with make your shopping experience an even and hassle-free one.

    SIZE A: Collar

    If first thing one does when leave your office for residence is loosen your collar button and pull down your tie, your shirt collar doesn’t fit.

    A study by Cornell University demonstrated that 70% in men wear their shirts too tight.

    You ought not experience discomfort when wearing a gown shirt and tie.

    Place the measuring tape around your neck in the point just under your Adam’s apple and pull to a degree where it is still comfortable. That is the collar size. It is used mainly to measure shirt size.

    There must be enough room to match your fore and middle fingers inside collar when you’re wearing your shirt.

    SIZE B: Chest

    Hold your arms out about 2 feet from the body, place the tape measure around one’s body, just below your armpits: That circumference is your chest size.

    If a garment shows creases just below your armpits, across your chest, it can be too small.

    This is used to measure the fit of suits and blazers.

    SIZE C: Waist

    Wrap the tape around the body on the point just above your navel, pull the tape very tight then slacken it back until it feels comfortable but very firm. The more "padded" the waist, the harder the tape will sink into the body.

    If Ladies Moleskin jeans is not tight enough the trousers will either will slip down when moving around or fit with the crotch too low as well as the knees over your shins.

    This is used to appraise the fit of trousers.

    SIZE D: Inside Leg

    This is used to look at the drop of trousers and jeans.

    It’s the length out of your crotch towards the soft spot on the inside of your foot, below your ankle bone. Too long is almost never a problem as it may be shortened, but too short could mean there could ‘t be enough fabric permit out.

    SIZE E: Shoes

    The height and width of your foot both in your regional (UK, US) and European size – it is handy to find out both since most classy and premium leather shoes (ie: Italian leather) come in Euro sizes, along with the conversion often gets rounded up for the next number up, leaving a lot of room for inaccuracy. Refer to
    Bamboo jeans and make up a note of both sizes.

    Finally, write each of the above on the back of the business card, that can fit neatly with your wallet and will be easily available once you’re out shopping next.

    Voila’, no more wardrobe disasters.