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    How to Use the Countdown Clock


    One of the major selling points of rugs, especially those made of weaving cloth is how easy they are to ship and ship from. Many traditional manufacturers will offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, but the online retailers I’ve found all insulate the shipping and handling charges by taking advantage of some business-to-business volume discounts.

    The Countdown Clock

    I love gadgets as much as the next person, and an IKEA bulk purchase of parts and pieces would make little Mike Costiglio’s head churn. But, it’s the countdown clock that I find especially appealing. The 16 interior designs (!!) can be viewed online and there is even an audio clock for those of us who like to listen to the chimes from our garden. The online descriptions make the boast that you can add and forget birthdays, anniversaries, and even the seasons. Who can resist a $30 clock that makes a sound like a sunrise?!!

    The Custom Photo Pillow

    This is the one that finally convinced me to Rugs Sale part with my cash, and my favorite part is the gift envelope. You print out the photo of your favorite pet, add the address, and clip the card yourself. The color changes and the card becomes an ever changing, ever changing drawing of your alter ego. I have already enclosed a copy of my photo in the envelope. The wise salter adds, “Since you are buying this, you are buying the cover; all of the rest is given to you by the store.” I like that.

    Upon Delivery

    Enjoy the surprise of your rugs arrival. In case you didn’t receive the email the rug’s company sent you, have you checked? Of course you didn’t, right? I would have upon receiving an email from the store where your rug was featured and it wasn’t what you had expected, would you? Would you like to know what happened to the person who purchased it? What about the person who picked it out of the box? They aren’t getting paid, are they? They are the ones caring for the rug, carrying it to its new home, undisturbed, and without expectation of a customized gift.

    So, get those nerves out of the way and trust that in the goodwill of strangers on the Internet, you are receiving the very best. You aren’t doing any advertising for yourself, and in fact you are doing it for the rug, which itself is a lovely, warm, and comfortable touch. You wouldn’t believe how much I dislike the thought of corporate greeting cards. I also dislike the thought of commercial advertising, because it conveys to me an unhealthy business climate. Business is business, and while people will do whatever it takes to make a buck, I am choosing to believe in something greater than myself. Besides, you aren’t really doing any advertising. You are just hanging the rug in your home, which is one thing, but a distraction from the work you actually have to do, which is keeping you in the black. The second reason is the diversity of the rug itself. It’s wonderful. As a woman of color, it feels good to be able to throw on a rug that my go-to selection says I should have one. For me, it’s a boost of energy. As a convert from painting to weaving, it takes the stress away from my back and my readers. As a professional musician, it’s a way of correction and blessing through the music that I play. I get free room in my studio to experiment, and often I find my pallet waiting in the corner for me to start up the project.

    Second, the rug is quite versatile. As a professional musician and a woman of color, it brings out the color in me like no other piece of clothing. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite piece of furniture in my home. My husband loves it, but I keep it in a case next to my bed. I have a small one on the bed and small one in the case, and I never tire of it. As a matter of fact, I would have three or four of these cedar wardrobes. If I owned one of these, my friends would be envious.

    Third, the cedar linen is durable and is meant to last for years and years. I have seen many pieces of art that have been antiques in the past and still look like new. Why? Because they are used. It’s a sign of the craftsmanship and quality of the cedar linen industry. It is very easy to care for and clean.

    I have purchased these linens at major stores and have had compliments on them. I have taken them to LA jewelry shops and boutiques and had expert appraisal. I have done my own laundry and dry cleaning in them. I have even had them ironed them on flat iron and used steam room.