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    How to sew side release buckle?

    A continuous zip is a type of fastener that allows the wearer to easily open or close the zipper. If you have ever sewn a side release buckle on your own, you know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are several tools and techniques involved in sewing a side release buckle:

    A zipper foot is used to help sew through fabric edges without fraying them. Most sewing machines come with an option for using this tool, but if yours doesn’t have it, then consider buying one separately. You can also use other techniques like using pins or hot glue gun tips instead of having one specifically made for this purpose (see below).

    Use sharp scissors with extra blades so that they cut through both top layer fabrics easily without leaving ragged edges behind when finished cutting out each piece needed for assembly later down line (or just go ahead and buy some new ones already!).