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    The unpredictable nature with the real estate business has witnessed a lot of ups and downs from the sale of properties. Although many believe real estate industry is in the slight slump nationally, certain cities have been in a position to defy odds and post good success.

    In India, town Kolkata witnessed a rise in the sale of housing units during the last quarter. The location saw a 32% boost in units sold in comparison to Q2 in 2015, depending on data collected from your realty research agency.

    Other reports suggested the real estate market saw a 17% boost in the sale of properties in all of the eight metros combined. Researchers stated the real reason for the expansion in sales over the last quarter may be due to a drop in prices of projects.

    Can luxury apartments function as game changer?

    While property marketers have tried their utmost to develop projects which focus on most, there are a range of projects coming which target just a couple of clients. Luxury apartments and complexes are being built by real estate property developers which projects are incredibly expensive in comparison to the other projects but justification.

    Real estate property marketers are getting top designers and architects from across the globe to help design and execute these projects. Most complexes falling under the luxury category feature large sized apartments and duplex flats along with a variety of great amenities.

    Although expensive, luxury projects are seen like a jewel within the crown for real estate developers, something which can help them stand out from your competitors and hopefully make plenty of revenue from sales.

    Most regular apartment complexes feature 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats but luxury projects feature larger flats having 4 BHKs and much more to supply to prospective buyers. These flats, with regards to the city, cost between 2 crores to 50 or 60 crores and take more time to offer than non-luxury apartments. A single flat sold brings in a substantial amount of money for that real estate property developer.

    While residents obtain the best facilities and cherish the grandeur of just living over these luxury apartments, it still is a danger for your real estate developer – the flats usually stay unsold for very long periods of time. In the industry which includes countless projects coming up, the call to use a project which gives the developer an exceptional identity is extremely important. Considering that the rewards for developing a luxury project outweigh the potential risks involved, it should cause a much better variety of such projects approaching later on.
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