Leandro GONZALEZ PIREZ of Atlanta United would like Argentina national team call


Leandro GONZALEZ PIREZ is in the final of the MLS Cup with Atlanta United but the Argentina man dreams of getting called-up for the national team.

Already 26 years old, a product of the River Plate academy, PIREZ has represented his country at the U20 level but has yet to get capped for the senior side. Speaking in an interview with MLSSoccer.com, the defender is hoping to one day put on the Argentina shirt.

“You dream about this all the time. Each time that the [Argentina] coach publishes a new list of call-ups you look at in the hope even though you know it’s not going to happen. But you work for this. I have that as a dream to fulfill. It’s a goal I have. And it’s something I work day to day but it depends on the coach whether I’m considered to train with them.”

When asked if he would be able to get called to the national team while playing with Atlanta United, PIREZ had this to say:

“I can’t answer that. This league doesn’t have anything to envy any other league. The level here is better than many leagues. The best teams here can go toe-to-toe with teams from other continents and other leagues. They need to break that barrier with players from here who deserve to be on that level.”

PIREZ, along with a number of other Argentine players will take part in the MLS Cup final on Saturday when his Atlanta United host the Portland Timbers.


  1. Leandro,
    I would like to suit up for the albiceleste as well. But I watched you play yesterday at the MLS cup and the best words to describe your play are unorganized, slow, and with no plan once you have the ball. These skills make you perfect for the MLS or the Guatemalan league but you couldn’t even get minutes on Belgrano in the primera let alone the NT

    • hey mate, honestly I think Juve has been already quite fair with Dybala. He has been less good recently when Pjanic wasn’t there to provide and he shows his limitation whenever he need to drop deeper, hold the ball and do the playmaker work. With Marotta’s nomination, he said he may bring several players from Juve including Dybala. As you said, Spaletti is very conservative guy and won’t change easily his 433, I don’t know how Dybala can fit in. I actually don’t like how they play football, no creative midfielder, heavily rely on the 2 wingers for counter attack, then pass the ball either to Icardi or Nainnggolain.

    • Spaletti is ruining Inter’s chance

      If Lautaro have started instead of Joao Mario then there would be a different result …

      Spalettis Tactics is backward
      After conceding goals he makes attacking switch

      Icardi gets nothing in whole game
      Bad supply line
      Introduction of Old Borja Valero(who looks more old) is also not justified
      Perisic is in bad form…
      Though I only care for Icardi & Lautaro

  2. Rosario Central the winner of Copa Argentina 2018. That was their 4th final of CA in last 5 years. An that’s the first win. Deserved. 4 time league winner, Copa Conmebol 1995 winner, club of best public in wholecountry finally got also his Argentina Cup.

  3. The truth is nobody will care about MLS, and even worse, once you are there it’s hard to get out because no European club would bother to send agents to follow MLS. That’s why I feel so bad if Pity will play there. By the way, some rumours on Paredes may join PSG who has been looking for a regista since a couple of years. De Jong is another option. It may be a good opportunity for Paredes to leave Russia.