Leandro PAREDES: “I want to return to Boca Juniors” says Argentina man

Leandro Paredes Boca Juniors
Leandro Paredes playing for Boca Juniors.

Leandro PAREDES has stated that he would like to return back home to play with Boca Juniors.

The Argentina man would like to go back home but claims that his current club Zenit do not want to sell. Speaking with Radio La Red, here’s what PAREDES had to say:

“The defeat Copa Libertadores final defeat against River Plate made me want to return to Boca Juniors. I have already talked to BURDISSO about it and I would return immediately but it doesn’t only depend on me. The possibilities of going back are small as Zenit don’t want to sell me.”


  1. Argentina U20s beat Primera B side TristĂĄn SuĂĄrez in a final friendly before heading to Chile for the Sudamericano – Gonzalo Maroni & Thiago Almada with the goals in a 2-0 win

    Argentina U20 XI in first 45′:
    Jerónimo Pourtau; Facundo Mura, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega; Manuel Insaurralde, Santiago Sosa, Aníbal Moreno; Gonzalo Maroni, Maxi Romero, Thiago Almada

    Argentina U20 XI in second 45′:
    Manuel Roffo; Aaron Barquett, Leonardo Balerdi, Facundo Medina, Elías Pereyra; Agustín Almendra, Fausto Vera, Francesco Lo Celso; Juliån Álvarez; Adolfo Gaich, Pedro De La Vega

    • For me personally I wouldn’t have Banega and paredes there at the same time because I feel that they’re very similar and honestly I think that the 2 of em would only slow the game down. Maybe the 2 of em would be good when Argentina is leading and is just trying to windup the clock in the last 15 min or so by slowing the game down. I would put Banega on the bench and have De Paul (palacios as 2nd choice) as the 2nd b-2-b player along side Celso like so:



      This ofcourse is for when the team is playing against strong/compact teams or weaker ‘park the bus’ types.
      Against top teams that will attack (Brazil, France etc…) I would take out one of De Paul or Celso and add a DM like Dominguez (Caseres and Ascacibar are other options).

      I would like Kun to be there but on the bench and give Icardi more chances to make his stamp, while I really don’t want to see Lio come back until Scaloni and the team have their s*** together with a clear identity and style of play otherwise it will be same old, same old with Lio having to carry the team on his shoulders.
      As for Lanzini, well I love him and I think he’s world class but unfortunately he can’t be trusted when it comes to fitness so at most I would have him as a back up and instead give Pity a try when he gets to play as a 10 behind Icardi and Dybala:


      Pity would be playing messi’s role in Sabella’s old system allowing Dybala to push further up centrally as opposed to being pushed to the right like what’s happening now in Juve.

      Lastly I like your choice or Angeleri as a LB but I personally would still prefer Tagliafico who is getting better and better everyday. J. Silva is also an option especially if the intention is to attack.

    • Otherwise a traditional 442 may not be that bad as well. Paredes with Ascacibar/Vazquez/Palacios in the middle, Pity/De Paul/Cervi on the left and a right foot player like Lanzini/Angel Correa on the right, with Messi/Dybala and Icardi in attack. So that Messi/Dybala will have more freedom as there is already someone on the right. Besides, Icardi can be served with a real winger who can cross like Pity/De Paul/Cervi. But of course it’s painful to sacrifice Lo Celso.

      • Well, let’s hope he will become the best. Each player that I mentioned has his own quality. For example Kante is the best in ball interception and pressing. Without him, France may only qualify as 2nd of the group or even early exited during WC. Fabinho really impressed me during 2016-17 and now he found his level back. It’s great to have a DM like Witsel and Busquets behind you because you can always get the ball back in good condition. I followed Carvalho because of Lo Celso, I never saw a bad game of him. Casemiro has all the quality but not regular enough. The others like Jorginho, Matic and De Jong I consider them below Paredes. In terms of style, Paredes is definitely closer to Witsel and Busquets, more based on intelligence and passing skill. That’s why we should have a more box to box player next to him in order to compensate a bit on the defensive tasks. So far I only see Palacios and Vazquez with this kind of profile. Ascacibar was used quite a few time in a more box to box role with his club in order to intercept the ball in a more advanced position.

        • Thanks mate you make good point
          It true all your mention is correct
          Nice analysis.
          I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see
          Palacios is that special but is still
          Young though. He must be able
          To retain the ball more
          Scaloni needs to convert Rodrigo
          De paul more box to box midfielder
          Rather than winger cose
          We have a lot of wingers
          Yeah Vazquez is good I add that
          Peryer can both be box to box
          Midfielder scaloni must be able
          To convert our players different
          Position like pep does

          • Np mate, Palacios is the future and I think Vazquez and even Ascacibar or Battalgia has higher present value in number 8 role. As you mentioned, Pereyra used to play this role too back to the days he played in Juve because Vidal got injured quite often. It’s strange that he hasn’t been used in this position again for so many years. I think the role conversion has to be done in club, by daily work. It’s quite hard to change a player during a gathering of few days from time to time. In Udinese, they have already bunch of defensive/central midfielders but no outstanding offensive player. De Paul is more used as false 9 there, waiting for the ball passively which will never arrive at him because the transition is so bad and they play so defensively. Really hope to see him in another club.

  2. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of his comments, it just sounds like he’s saying “my heart will always be with Boca etc…”.
    Paredes is a legit talent who also happens to be in high demand, after all PSG made a solid offer for him and Zenit does not want to let him go, which tells me that the kid’s doing something right.

  3. Leo paredes is one of the my
    Favourites in the new era
    I’m sure he isn’t going to bk
    To boca rather he is going
    One of the top 5 European leagues
    His club values around 50 million euro.
    There for Boca can’t afford to pay
    That plus his salary which is high too.
    He is only making this noise to move
    Bigger European leagues.

  4. Paredes is my favorite player from the young guard.
    Although my favorite I call bullshit when he is lying and making bad decisions.
    He made a bad decision going to Russia for sure. It’s hard to get out of there. Money is irrelevant for zenit.

    Just like pirlo(not saying he is pirlo) had gattuso, paredes needs his gattuso. But am not discarding that he eventually will be able to pla the 5 against big teams.
    Like it or not he will be a pillar of our team.

  5. Such a low level of mentality of the Argentine players let them down. Look at Uruguay midfield, Lucas torreira for arsenal & benteturer for juventus playing exceptionally whereas one of top Argentine talent want to come back to Argentina… Pathetic situation for Argentine football.