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    Fences have been used to cope with livestock for centuries. The fences themselves may have observed a few updates over the years. By and large, however, there to be able to few advances in it of livestock management since medieval times. The United states of america Department of Agriculture (USDA) believes thats all just about to change.

    The USDAs Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is projecting that virtual fences relates to the way of upcoming for containing cattle and other animal. Theyve granted exclusive licensing to Krimar of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia; a Canadian firm that is designed with a GPS linked virtual fence dubbed as Directional Virtual Fencing (DVF).

    Whats the big deal about virtual fencing? Because they arent physical barriers, virtual fences allow an easier rotation of the livestock from one area to another. This is the great way manage feeding grounds and patterns. Livestock may be easily moved from one area of land 1 so that ground level can recover from constant grazing before the livestock returns. Applies to a long approach to help mitigate soil erosion, habitat encroachment, and other green issues ranchers consistently face.

    It also allows easier isolation of 1 or more members from the larger herd. This is tremendously useful for breeding or isolating sick livestock so how the entire herd doesnt become infected.

    With fences extended keeping the cattle within their boundaries, how will GPS devices really provide assistance? How perform the devices work?

    Its a simple process, really. The cows are along with the GPS tracking devices, which are mounted in their ears. These devices deliver audio stimuli that prod it toward their virtual boundaries.

    The animals aren’t harmed by the stimuli which can be a human voice or warning siren. The volume can be raised or lower as needed to keep animals moving planet right directions.

    Additionally, ranchers can track the animals movements, individually or as a group, at any time with their personal computer systems.

    4G GPS tracker can also use their computers to alter where the locations where their livestock are prompted move. Its a whole new type of cattle drive.

    The beauty with the system is which it frees up valuable, and expensive time, for ranchers. If cattle can be virtually urged to bring to lusher feeding areas, then ranchers can hire fewer laborers and all of them for more impactful purposes on the ranch. Over time, this can help ranchers earn bigger profits and perhaps lead to lower cattle prices.

    Of course, items may not are a great distance off. Ranchers must first learn to trust the computer system. Its going to act as a tough sale to get ranchers to turn their backs on a system that worked as kitchen staff for centuries for of one for virtually untested. For now, however, opportunities of this use of GPS tracking technology are intriguing in the very least.