Boca Juniors looking for a new manager


After the AFA offered Alfio BASILE the job as manager of Argentina, we are still waiting for COCO to accept or reject it. But reading between the lines and making a simple deduction, we have reasons to believe that BASILE will become Argentina manager again.

The first reason is given by BOCA JUNIORS. The actual employers of BASILE at the moment are allready looking for a manager to replace him. They know they have little time to waste as the start of the Apertura (Opening) Tournament is getting near and near.

The latest news in that front is that Marcelo BIELSA has been offered the job and was pretty quick in rejecting it. Mauricio MACRI, BOCA JUNIORS president, said he didn’t offer the job to anyone yet and he added: ‘It is impossible to reject an offer that has never been made’.

In any case, BIELSA said he doesn’t want to go to BOCA and now every way takes to Ricardo LA VOLPE.

Mexico’s manager during the recent World Cup, Ricardo LA VOLPE have said he would love to have the opportunity to sit on BOCA’s bench and will be looking forward to receive an offer from MACRI.

We still need to see a couple of more episodes in this novel, but by the look of it, BASILE taking over as Argentina manager looks pretty much a done deal.