Adios Juan Roman RIQUELME!


One of the most beloved players in our team and yet one of the most hated has decided to end his international career and so, our defeat against Brazil could have possibly been the last time Juan Roman RIQUELME wore the Albiceleste.

He is announcing a decision that was rumoured for a long time and he seems adamant in keeping his word.

Juan Roman RIQUELME will anounce tonight that he will play no more for Argentina.

Here are some numbers to take a look at RIQUELME’s campaign with Argentina:

Debut: November 16th, 1997 (Argentina 1 – Colombia 1)

Matches played: 37

Goals: 8

World Cup matches: 5 (all in Germany2006)

Titles with Argentina: Youth World Cup Malaysia 1997 and South American tournament also in 1997.

Despite being an admirer of some of the aspects of his game, I must say I think it is a good thing for us. Sometimes he looks like he doesn’t want to play. At times it was an advantage because he was so cool when other players tend to lose their heads. But in the end, he lacks the inspirational power I thought he had and I think that we have a lot of time to find a proper replacement.

Now who should be RIQUELME’s replacement?

AIMAR, D’ALESSANDRO, INSUA, MESSI (playing some yards behind his natural position?)