RIQUELME returning to our National Team?


To add info to the RIQUELME saga, despite being criticised by the Chilean newspaper yesterday, he apparentely wants to come out of the volunteer international retirement and play for Argentina in the next Copa América (Venezuela 2007 in June).


Yep. Exactly what you just read.

Now back in Argentina (playing for Boca Juniors), the reason why he quit our National Team is no longer valid. He was feeling bad about all the criticism he was getting from the Press and the public in general and the way it affected his mother´s health. But he was so worried because he was living in Spain and he was so far from his mother (who had to be hospitalised in the past).

Apparentely she is better now and he feels safer because he can be in Buenos Aires with her to support her.

With VERON back in the team, he also feels BASILE is not taking into consideration the past trouble a player might have had and he thinks the manager is keen to give any player another chance.

So the funny ways of life can sort out the playmaker´s spot woes that Argentina were having to deal with and if RIQUELME is happy again with life then who knows what could happen.

Are you happy with the news of a possible RIQUELME´s comeback?

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