Lionel MESSI: “Losing with National Team hurts”


Speaking to El Grafico, Lionel MESSI spoke about a number of topics.

On the subjects of Argentina and his playing career, MESSI spoke about retirement, Gabriel BATISTUTA’s goalscoring record for the National Team and not winning the World Cup and Copa America.

On finishing his career in Argentina:
“I’ve always said: It’s something I think about and I’d like to do it. I don’t know when but it’s a possibility.”

Until when he would keep playing:
“I don’t set any goals, be it for the near future or distant future but I’d like to go for as long as my body allows me to. When I know it’s the end, I’ll make the decision.”

About getting closer to BATISTUTA’s Argentina goal record:
“I’d prefer to win something with the National Team even if it’s off an own goal. Records are there but they don’t interest me because those don’t win you titles.”

If losing the Copa America hurt more than the World Cup:
“Everything that was lost with the National Team hurts me because I know we should have won. At the World Cup and the Copa America, we deserved to win.”