Martin DEMICHELIS hints at Argentina retirement


Martin DEMICHELIS has hinted that Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying match against Bolivia could be his last for the National Team.

Martin DEMICHELIS, who was set to retire following the final of the 2015 Copa America, had a change of mind after Tata MARTINO convinced him to stay on for a little longer. However, DEMICHELIS has recently stated that the match against Bolivia could be his last for Argentina.

“I feel good of mind and body, but it is a matter of being humble and I am a realist. I have to be aware. I want to play the game with that in mind. The fact is that I am 35 and a half and I don’t know how many more chances I will get. I am proud that I continue to get called up at my age, I am proud that I can continue to help make a difference.”

“There is nothing physically wrong with me, but I know that there are new players who the coach must watch and get ready for the future. The next World Cup is very far away for me. All of these things add up for me to mean that this could be my last match.”

“I would really like to play (against Bolivia). I can identify with playing in (Cordoba). I just hope that I can be included and be useful for the team. And perhaps this will be my last match with the national team. I hope that I can round up all that I am thinking about. I want it to be a dream match.”