Tata talks ICARDI, MESSI, SIMEONE and more


Tata MARTINO spoke about a number of topics regarding the National Team. He’s replied to the comments which were made by Mauro ICARDI and also spoke about MESSI, Diego SIMEONE possibly coach the National Team and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“ICARDI’s part of a list of players which we follow strictly on a football performance level. When I’m asked about him, I’m not asked about his football performances. I’ve already stated what I like in a professional but there’s a big fight regarding the forwards’ spot in the National Team”.

“Someone who’s his age, captain of Inter, scored 20 goals last season and 15 this season is obviously doing well. But to be fair, I don’t talk much about Paulo DYBALA or Jonathan CALLERI. In short, all my comments so far have been regarding TEVEZ, AGUERO and HIGUAIN”.

“People say that we should win something and the Copa America is a possibility. We’re among the favorites and I can’t say we’re not considering the players we have in the National Team. The team has played in two straight finals and if we make a third and don’t win it, it’ll have been three very good campaigns but will be seen as a failure. It doesn’t matter what I think, it’s already there.”

“Leo’s 28 years old, it’s still too early to think about looking for a replacement. It’s going to be a long time until we see someone like Leo. It’s clear that there’s going to come a time where he and Ronaldo won’t be there.”

“If he’s going to manage the National Team? It’s going to be a question to ask him. He’s already stated that it’s a job he wants but in the future. But it’s always a risk to want it in the future because the players will have grown and you don’t know who will be the competition.”

“He’s managed to really appear on the footballing stage. It’s a position (CB) where there wasn’t much possibilities of change. Ramiro’s complemented OTAMENDI very well. I have the matches against Colombia and Chile in my head… Their performances were very good. It gives us assureness because we also have DEMICHELIS, GARAY and MUSACCHIO.”

“He can play either on the wing or in the middle. On the wing, we can take advantage of the 1 vs. 1’s”.