Juan RIQUELME: “There’s no one like MESSI”


Juan RIQUELME took to the radio in Argentina to discuss Lionel MESSI, the Copa America and more.

The former Argentina international played alongside Lionel MESSI for several years (including a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics) and came out talking about his former team mate. Here’s what he had to say:

"If MESSI doesn’t get injured, Argentina will win the Copa America. He’s the best in the world. We have to be careful and enjoy him. There’s no one like MESSI, not here, not anywhere. I’m Argentine and I was lucky to play with him. I’m confident for this Copa America. Argentina’s getting closer. There’s good players and MESSI’s doing well."

"Why haven’t we won anything? Because MESSI is left to play on his own. We need to look after him. There’s no one like MESSI."

Here’s a video of Juan RIQUELME and Lionel MESSI linking up with the National Team: