Joaquin CORREA joins Sevilla


Another Argentine has joined SAMPAOLI at Sevilla!

Joaquin CORREA, who was on the AFA’s unofficial list of 18 playerse for the Olympics, has joined Spanish side Sevilla from Italian club Sampdoria. CORREA has joined fellow Argentine Matias KRANEVITTER at the club with Luciano VIETTO also rumored to be heading there as well.


  1. Good move for Joaquin CORREA…….

    Portugal believe Ronaldo is one of the 11 players ……….

    We believe Messi is the one who will win cup for the other 10……

  2. I’ve been quiet since 2015 copa and 2016

    My first post and well done Ronaldo. Portugal won due to France lack of urgency

    But the big talking point is cr7 vs Messi.
    Ronaldo is now above Messi whatever people think
    Messi is the better player and a great player

    But he had his chance last 3 finals where we could not score on 120 mins in 3 games
    We had sitters in all but failed
    As I mentioned here in 2014 problem is not coaches but mentality
    We’ve had bielsa, pekermen, Basile, maradona, Batista sabella now martino
    Ppl here akwAys blaming coaches when best ones were bielsa and martino , duck the rest
    Martino got us to TWO finals back to back. Yet the players cruise in semi and fear makes them fail in final
    In friendlies we crush Germany chile with our b teams without Messi . But in finals it’s that fear

    Guys on here need to stop thinking with emotion and use which other team has been in 6 finals since 2004. None.not Brazil or Spain or Germany

    Spain won 3/3
    Germany 1/2
    Brazil 2/2
    Italy 1/2
    Argentina 0/5(without confeds)

    That is bad, Portugal 1/2

    Why is this , cos if fear, not coaches , not bad luck

    Ok we can lose 4 finals but to not even score in them is shameful

    And for this reason Ronaldo is a greater legacy than Messi

    Messi could be a 2-3 time copa winner, World Cup winner and confeds winner

    But he is not because HIM and rest of our so called names are chokers. And there is no denying this

    As I said I was done with Argentina now. If bielsa returns I may follow next 2 years I’ll see

    • Ronaldo above messi hahahaha you are having a laugh and do not be fooled by the media wank feast.
      cr did not win the euro cup alone at all infact he was good in 2 matches, crap in 2, average in the other 2 and hardly played in the final-hardly a man carrying his team. he was not even worthy of the “team of the tournament” his team bumbled, stumbled to somehow won it but it was as a team and he did not stand above all others in his team (nani was better just to name 1) nor was he player of the tournament or even in the top 5 in reality.
      oh and cr still has never scored vs a so called top 8 team

      • i said messi is better than ronaldo
        but thats not our point
        we are talking about legacies
        if it wasnt a talking point then ppl before me wouldnt me talking abut it etc
        we all wanted argentina (and MESSI) to win copa. no one cared if rojo or biglia, or higauin wins a COPA america,

        but we care for messi to win (and argentina)

        the fact that Portugal winning sparked off the messi vs ronaldo debate proves its significance.

        if messi got injured in the final vs chile, and arg won, we would still be happy for messi and none of us would argue messi didnt contribute to it.

  3. I can’t believe you people even have this conversation. Messi scored 2 beautiful goal in WC and took our butt from group stages. Even hard WCQ matches he was scoring nonstop. It’s not his fault his teammates missing glorious opportunity and always look for him when they actually can play too. Vocal doesn’t mean a good leader. Yes Ronaldo had different character than Messi and because of this you can’t claim that Messi has no desire or same desire as Ronaldo. That is so sad and criminal to claim. We are lucky to have Leo and Maradona as a player. Leo is even better human being than Maradona(sorry Legend). It just we are unfortunate and so is Pipita. Missing 3 chances in 3 final. I think it’s some kinda record.

  4. It’s Funny how people are calling ronaldo a great leader because he won,what kind of leader gets mad when a player steals his goal or when they lose and throw his whole team under the bus.sorry folks but that not leader.

    • Exactly, it’s like a Christina love fest around here as of late.
      A man solely out there for his own glory and nothing else and wouldn’t have cared had the CAMERA not been on him.

      Many critized Messi for not being vocal, not yelling and screaming, not putting on a show to show he’s the biggest cock in the hen house like a certain somebody!
      That’s HOW HE IS, love it or hate it, did his performance with ARGENTINA improve once given the armband? YES, enough said.

  5. I can’t believe that I am defending Ronaldo.
    Ronaldo saved Portugal scoring 2 crucial goals and an assist against Hungary, his shot was rebounded against Croatia, scored penalty, scored against Wales which are all key moments and lead the team in and out of the field!

    Our team has lost with and without Messi!
    2004 we also lost and there was no Messi, Riquelme or so called stars, not forgetting that in that tournament we lost TWICE! The Final and against Mexico, while 05,06,07,10,14,15,16 we lost only one match in these tournaments when we got eliminated.
    as long as we talk about NAMES, we will never win anything!
    some people want to built a team around a single player, other want to exclude stars, others want young players, others want old players, other want home based players only, etc…

    – you can’t build a team around one man because he gets marked out and than what?
    – you can’t exclude stars just because they are stars.
    – you can’t built a team with only young players, which team won with only young players?
    – you need the right mix!
    – you can’t build a team with home based players, because as soon as they play European teams buy them, and you cant leave talent on purpose at home.

    we need unity, team work, the right mix, and tactics, no matter where the players play, just play the players who are in form at the moment in a system that suits them, and have competition in the squad.

  6. I will pick one comments:


    “Argentina, apparently, can’t win anything without a genius leading up…
    It seems we have to rely constantly on someone to lead a team and rely exclusively on him when things don’t go how they should. It is no wonder in the modern era we won nothing in 23 years now”.

    Agree. IMO In modern football you can’t win by single player even if he was Superman. I’m not sure Portugal could win if ROnaldo was there (on the pitch). They were able to do this only as a team without personality on the pitch who may unbalancing team. Messi and Ronaldo they can win alone some game in way to the final or another less important game but none of their can win the final. It’s possible only without players monopopolising play.

    In modern football you never win if building team around Messi. Still look how many times you all mentioned Messi below commenting Euro final. Comments like: why our players can’t do this for Messi…

    Why still all about Messi? Still all for him. If we should win a tournament for Messi or for Argentina? Believe me speaking and taking things in this way you don’t helping our future matter of WC. Messi must be someone seemingly unsignificant in our future team, especially in crucial moments like this final of Portugal. If we want win he must be ‘marginalized’ as Ronaldo was yesterday. Besides Messi can’t to be a leader he must be the frosting on the cake. Then you will maybe see Messi with gold medal.

    Since I supporting the only team of Argentina that was not builded around leader/leaders was just that Bielsa in 2004. We need something like that. And I’m not say we need Bielsa necesarrily.

    • Valid point Gonzalo. However, I think the name of Messi comes up because as soon as the team fails, everyone blames Messi. One should blame the team and not one person.

      I have tried
      to think hard how Argentina never wins. When you don’t win you look for reasons. But when you lose you look for reasons. Even a winning team does not have everything perfect. I think its down to players. If Higuain scores Tata has 2 copa by his name. We need players who does not choke.

    • Leave him alone. How you want to take off the pressure of his arms when just after another lost final you all still talking about his importance?

      Leave him alone. Don’t talking/writing about him. Then some day in future he will back to NT and will be better if only attention will not be concentrated on him.
      Leave him in peace and build a new team as if he never would back.

      • agree with you…honestly i like messi retire..and i hope he stuck with his mind…becouse i more like argentina play as team…

  7. In other news: Italian newspapers link Icardi to Juventus.
    That would be a great thing for us. Imagine Dybala and Icardi hooking up together in attack. Our future frontline getting acquinted on a daily basis! Argentina will benefit if this move does happen.

  8. Marcelo Bielsa to the brink of the Argentine national
    All set for the announcement : lead the Albiceleste to the World Cup
    As was widely expected , Marcelo Bielsa will shortly become the new coach of the Argentine national team . The Loco , for a few weeks on the brink of Lazio before breaking abruptly with Lotito and reject the agreement , will take the place of the Tata Martino and lead the National Albiceleste to the World Cup Russia 2018. First objective : to convince Leo Messi retrace his steps and put on the shirt so ARGENTINA can win The World Cup, 2018

  9. Messi’s friends vs Cristiano’s friends
    Hope atleast now Messi realises that he trusted the wrong people… anyways Messi will still keep believing his idiotic friends… Forget 2018.

  10. 1 season, 2 months of time and 3 ugly team won 3 major title. First Real Madrid, then Chile and now Portugal.

    To be honest being an Argentine fan, I am not upset as Portugal won Euro and CR7 had now International title and Messi don’t have. I cannot say they are best team in EURO 2016 but they definitely did something right to win the title. They put lots of effort and looked like a machine to me. They played maximum number of minutes in the tournament still they were never short of energy, never looked tried.

    Actually what make me upset when I think that a team like Chile with couple of very good players, with few good players and few hardworking players won Copa twice in 2 years. A team like Portugal, who never looked like a Champion team, still won Euro 2016 just by sticking to their game plan BUT Argentina is trophy less for 23 (+2) years even though we had way superior team (at least on paper).

    Now, regarding Messi and CR. For me Messi as a player still better than Ronaldo and CR has no match with Messi in terms of football abilities BUT still CR7 has something Messi lacks, his attitude, his desire to achieve success. CR7 had a pretty average tournament tbh BUT he stepped up when it mattered the most. He stepped up against Hungary by scoring twice else Portugal would have eliminated from group stage, he again scored all important penalty against Poland and then scored against Welsh in Semi Final. Even in final.. I felt his presence. He was everywhere, what else you need from a Captain?

    Hope from WC 2014 (Gotze) and Euro 2016 (Renato Sanches and Eder) Argentine coaches (who always trust oldies. Average age of argentine players are 28+ in all last 3 tournaments) will learn the importance of keeping young players in the team. They never hesitates to take their chances and bold decisions. Those kids are fearless and plays with no pressure. You need such players in your team to win in crunch situation, a big pressure game.

    As a Argentina fan… all I can hope we will come out of all shit going on with AFA soon, they corruption will end soon and we will do well in upcoming tournaments. Argentina have plenty of talents and if they can be utilized properly they can be world beater and I believe once they will start winning they won’t stop (just like Spain).

  11. And yet another final that needs extra time. The times when one team dominates another seem to have gone. Euro could have gone either way, if Cignac did not hit the post France would have won. Portugal is the type of winner that suits this forgettable tournament.

    Euro2016 proved that not losing is the new way of winning. It’s all tactics, compact teams and very, very few individual actions. Where are the players that dribble past an opponent and open up spaces? The new football is terrible to watch. Remember Croatia – Portugal? Not a single shot on goal in 90 minutes. We haven’t seen new talents.

    With the CL victory and now Euro2016 and the world club championship in December (south American clubs teams are no longer a match for the CL winner) Ronaldo will win the golden ball. We all know Messi is by far the best player in the world. No doubt about that. Yesterday Ronaldo showed he is a true captain on and off the field. He encourages and motivates his team mates even when he is not on the pitch. The last 10 minutes he was coaching the team and giving instructions. Can’t imagine Messi doing that.

    We were close to a trophy three times in the last three years. It is not Messi’s fault we didn’t win. Players like Higuain, DiMaria, Aguero, Biglia are simply not as good as Valdano, Caniggia or Burruchaga. We are in desperate need of fresh players. Hopefully the new coach will select our biggest talents and say goodbye to the old guard.

  12. Cristiano has won it, even though luck played the most part for Portugal in this tournament, I noticed one crucial attribute that Cristiano has that Messi does not have, that is – Leadership Quality.

    In this Euro final, before the teams entered the pitch, Cristiano shouted some words to motivate his teammates. After his injury, when he was in the bench, he kept acting like a coach to motivate his teammates, including telling Eder that he is going to score the winning goal and asking the injured teammate on the sideline to go back and help to defend the lead. Even though probably he did all this just for himself (because he really wanted this Euro glory), but seems like what he did was really effective.

    I remember Maradona doing the same thing when he was still a player, he motivated the other players as captain, that was how the world cup 86 was won.

    Messi has never done the same thing before, he always keeps quiet, play his own game, I think this more or less contributed to our defeats for the 3 finals.

    • Nobody motivates his players mire then simeone yet he lost to zidane who is quite guy. Ronaldo didn’t even play yet his teammates did the job and won. Eder is nobody but he scored a more difficult goal then what hig missed.

  13. the only solution to our miseries is to bring in young blood in the team… we shouldn’t get fooled by the club form of our chokers .. they are mentally weak.. and defeat in 3 finals has caused irreparable damage to their confidence.. these weak minded players are contagious and they can’t be in the team now.. they will spread this disease to their juniors.. and also even if messi is back every attacking play shouldn’t be going through messi how many times are we going to rely on one player only.??… i wish managers were allowed to manage both club and country..simione and pocchetino would happily take over argentina job

  14. as long as messi been surrounded by the likes of incompetence players such as di maria, higuain, biglia, lavezzi and injury prone such as aguero, he will never win anything major for argentina in his life. it is as simple as that.
    argentina are all filled with same old players since 2010. those who proved absolutely nothing since then. other teams already brought out some of their best young players into major tournament, and they won. what has argentina achieved at the same years???? NOTHING.
    we can win wc 2014 if we have icardi instead of higuain.
    we can win copa 2015 if we have icardi and dybala instead of higuain and tevez.
    we can win copa 2016 if we have a youngest squad, but no we still went with all these veterans.
    it’s not a curse or other superstitious nonsense some of you guys thought about. it is simply because argentina never willing to change.
    whoever the coach is next, he should be willing to change the squad and bring in many young players. otherwise, argentina won’t win anything, ever.

    • Travis, show some respect. 3 finals is admirable. Ofcourse we didnt win, and that sucks, no one likes the feeling, the players feel it much more than us sofa jockeys. Lavezzi and co played their hearts out and are all as good as 99% of other athletes playing. we where unlucky more than anything. You fault Lavezzi lol, he was having an incredible tournament up until he outgrew the field. Same with Higuain, Biglie and co. they all played well.. until the final. And while I think Tata did a decent job, he totally fucked up the final by poor tactical judgement and got out played.. he was too defensive. No one is perfect, and futbol is a cruel and chaotic mistress. we are *blessed* to have the players we do, the history of the team, Messi.. Diego.. etc. Its easy to spit hate, but these are finalists not a 3rd rate nation which never qualifies for a world cup. Hopefully a new coach will find the sweet spot and some new faces come in and refresh things.. but dont be a dreamer, Icardi.. Dybala.. etc would not have guaranteed anything, they can miss too.. just as France missed a bunch of oportubities tobight. Respect. you have to walk in their shoes to ubderstand and at minimum be a supportive fan. negativity, dissing our players and could have would have are insulting to anyone who feels the shirt.. to the tears and heartbreak we all felt, especially the players you demonize.

      • Some players deserve to be demonized like hig and aguero who always let us down. A nobody like eder came big in a final and hig can’t score in empty net.

      • some of our major players aren’t good enough to win us trophys… they have failed us over and over again.. its about time we thank them and show them the door.. especially our attacking players if they are always out of form whenever they are playing for us or they are always injured…its one or the other.. regarding biglia .. biglia is only good when we are defending a lead he is a solid player.. so i will keep him in the team.. not as a starter obviously.. aguero higuain, lavezzi and dimaria have to go.. and also one hit wonder rojo.. also funes mori can’t replace garay.. he is also another average defender who plays in an overrated league

      • yeah..2014 mostly for messi..same copa 2015 and 2016 ..u just blah blah blah here..Higuain couldn’t score almost an empty net three times! You must ascoreeeeeee!!! three freaking final zero goals!! if Burruchaga was failed to score that goal we might have gone almost 40 years of misery!!

        NB. Ronaldo after 2014 WC flop did said his team mates are mediocre and bad except him… whatever he does he does for his own interest..he is just a glory hunter primadonna!!

      • we do need change. what we dont need is disrespect and linching of our players. one thing is to say its time for Icardi, another is to trash talk our players as incompetent and pretend a new player will be the magic bullet.

        WE LOST AS A TEAM.

    • travis:
      you and I have been beating this drum since the end of w/c 14-time for changes, we have said not all of the team to be culled at once as that would be stupid but some needed to be moved to the bench or out of the squad to make them realise the shirt if not theirs to keep at all times, make them step up and fight for the team, fight for a starting place, we needed to bring in some youth as the team needs to move forward but no tata refused and kept the same old same old and as we know we are 0-3 on finals with the same goals tally 0-3 (tata is 0-2 and 0-2).

  15. It could have been much worse……like her highness scoring 2 goals and winning, or coming back from her injury while still somewhat hurt and scorning the winning goal or the worst, making her PK and winning…….

    France had numerous chances to score and in fact had what 4-6 shots on the damn goal but of course their goalkeeper turned into Wolverine from X-Men, stopping anything and everything.

    Like I said, Life is not fair most of the time.
    Throwing your hands in the air while shaking your head is about the only thing any of us can do because none of this game or the one we lost makes any sense really.

    They scored in extra time to win while we failed in This Copa, last years, WC and 2010 Copa with plenty of chances between all 4 tournaments.

  16. Missing chances in crucial moments was not the sole reason we lost. we never played as a team, the only strategy seems to be give it to Messi and let’s see.
    No reason to throw out Messi! Portugal didn’t throw out Ronaldo too. All they did was hiring a competent coach who took almost the same group of players to Glory and Ronaldo was part of it, but it didn’t depend solely on him, he provided leadership. their biggest strengths were team work, tactic that suited them, and doing the right things at the right time.
    Coaching is important.

    To be sincere I believe we will never win a title again, especially not the World Cup. It doesn’t matter who the coach or the players are. It doesn’t matter if Simeone, Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, or any other great coach our coach is. It doesn’t matter if we naturalize the best player in the world in every position, because we are a cursed team and always find a unimaginable way to lose.

    • Never lose hope. It is possible good things will come out of these losses and disappiontments and who knows may be argentina will go on winning streak. Things get easy and better after every hardship that is god’s plan for life.

  17. If I believed any voodoo nonsense which I don’t, then I would have said that there are some evil spirits working against us.

    The way we got to the final and the way this shitty Portugal team did and then the extreme opposite outcome happend.

    Life is not fair most of the time but one must never lose heart.

    I just wanna erase the time between 6/6 until today and start fresh tomorrow.

  18. I have no words for our NT players!! mofos look at Portugal!!! they won EC with determination, hard work and believing in them even when their talisman is injured and out!! I saw how Nani motivated them or even a bad guy like Pepe!! Three fucking final and zero goal!!! Deshemp is the biggest loser here!! His sub was so wrong!! In my opinion whole Portuguese team and coach is real winner here!! Now great choker Higuain..injury prone Diva Maria..and Aguero shud just disappear or die!!! Messi you shud have cried in Chile and win the trophy in the us soil!! Fuck I am so mad at NT players and Fat Tata!!!

  19. I made a prediction with my friends that Portugal would win this tournament, sadly I was right.
    It was meant to be.
    Anyway Congratulations to them.
    On the other hand, I like this because if Messi has any manhood left then he demands change, and wins us the World cup…does he have the fire???

  20. despite the port win cr7 will always know he did not win a final.
    i remember roy keane of manure saying after that famous champs lge win with the 2 goals after the 90 mins, he was suspended for that game and said
    “the medal means nothing to me”

    • add to it cr7 ego will be dented as he had a poor tournament, was not at all the reason they won it all and they won it without him.

    • Unfortunately it seems we can’t…
      Argentina, apparently, can’t win anything without a genius leading up…
      It seems we have to rely constantly on someone to lead a team and rely exclusively on him when things don’t go how they should. It is no wonder in the modern era we won nothing in 23 years now.

  21. That’s the difference between Portugal and Argentina. Ronaldo team mates lifted him up and other side Messi team mates brought him down on couple of occasions.

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