Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, Jorge BURRUCHAGA and Nery PUMPIDO (both from the 1986 World Cup winning team) are being considered for the Argentina coaching job. There seems to be a weird obsession within the AFA and the 1986 team (hiring back-to-back coaches in Diego MARADONA and Sergio BATISTA) and now these names surfacing.

From the initial names being rumored of Jorge SAMPAOLI, Marcelo BIELSA and Diego SIMEONE to BURRUCHAGA and PUMPIDO. While there was some hope of one of the first three taking the job (as small as those hopes were), we went from those names back to the 1986 generation.


  1. i just dont want my beautiful memory of 86 glory will dry out..with appoint of this both exponent…first maradona and batista..then..plis no more experiment..we need real complete manager

  2. the classic ploy in saying the bad new is these 2 could take over but when bielsa or some one we have doubts about actually does, then every one sighs of relief in thinking it could have been far worse.

    • Pablo
      Completely agree and it worked!
      …our coach will be Bielsa and it was decided since he left Lazio. they are just trying to act as if they weren’t involved in influencing him to resign.
      I have accepted this days ago, although very pessimistic about this I wish him the best.
      I will put his picture on my profile to support him and the team although I simply don’t like this guy.
      I like his philosophy of football but he has to make adjustments and have back up plan and willingness to change, and not select players with his heart but with his brain.

      • ghost: totally agree, i also will support him despite having my reservations about him and i will add he cant be worse then tata who in his tenner learned nothing from any of his many mistakes and tata has set us back years.

  3. Good Thing about Bielsa is that no more lifeless boring football.If he don’t win,he wont be any bad than last 23 years.And he will have the youth to shape.Guys like Lamela played pressing football all over the year.I have my doubts about Bielsa but if we be honest his brand of football earning some success during recent year and pressing football is something has adopted by many managers.Klopp,Poche implement the extensive pressing style,Klopp has won trophies with it.

  4. This has to be a joke………it is the AFA but 🙁

    Just get Bielsa or Manuel Pellegrini the two best coaches out of a job, who gives a crap that Pellegrini is chilean….we probably cant afford them anyway

    • In my earlier blogs i mentioned..anyone can become coach..this is good coaching practise with world number 1 team..i would have preferred Batistuta to try with and Goycochea as Goal keeping coach..

    • Pellegrini managing Argentina,an idea I shared for long time.He did excellent with Argentine players.But I believe his football/tactics has lagged behind compared to present day.Watch City vs Real,City team play was horrible.

      Russo won his Copa Lib at 2007,even recent success is primera B nacional during 2012/13,with Rosario Central.His style is good though.Can be a Garcea of Peru,also easily can be a 2nd Martino.

      Bielsa would be better than Russo.I don’t think he is the same bielsa as of 2000’s.Europe experience is something Russo don’t have.Bielsa learned to use other formations in europe,I mean 4 man defence etc.Tbh,I don’t see any difference in Bielsa and Pochettino if Bielsa not being better.Poche did not win anything,did he?He did what Bielsa also does,making a dysfunctioning team to perfom,developing youth etc…The only current Argie manager who is a proven title winner is Simeone.

  5. This is indeed unexpected. In some countries everybody can become trainer. In other countries you’ll need to take a course showing you understand tactics, physical exercises, dynamics of human body etc. It does not guarantee better coaches but at least there is a basis going forward.
    These two players were great 30 years ago. Hope they prove me wrong but I expect a disaster in the making. Bielsa would be the man to build a new team with young players. AFA can’t afford Bielsa financially.

  6. Meh, please no, although between those two, I think Pumpido has a better record than Burruchanga as a manager, winning Copa Libertadores with Olimpia. Honestly, Bielsa as polarizing as he may be is so far the only coach that could save our butt since it’s pretty much clear that neither Sampaoli nor Simeone are not coming any time soon and Berizzo’s name is not even being mentioned.

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