Diego MARADONA: “I’d coach Argentina for free”


Diego MARADONA took to Fox Sports to discuss Argentina’s National Team job.

MARADONA compared himself to a few coaches in the world and went as far as saying that he would coach the team for free. Here’s what he had to say:

“SIMEONE wasn’t interested in Argentina job for financial issue. But money is not an issue for me. I’d coach Argentina for free. A lot of people seem to think I am an expensive coach. But what about MOURINHO? And ANCELOTTI or SIMEONE?”

“I don’t know how expensive I am compared to these coaches. I am starting to miss coaching more and more. I miss working with the players and fighting with the journalists.”


  1. Diego, I will always respect your passion and heart for the national team and for Argentina. As a coach, you did alright in the beggining when you where humble, but you are too hot headed and easily swayed into overconfidence to be a tactician. I think you would be a good assistant coach, work with the players, stay away from tactics and formations.

    Diego will always have my respect, despite his limitations. Anyone who doesnt, lost mine.

  2. Yeah why not and let the afa circus keep up its stupidity that it does so well and efficiently .
    Back in the real world hahahaha no chance.

  3. You will do it for free as coaching a football team is not something for which anybody will pay you!!! On the contrary, you may have to pay to get a coaching job

  4. Mr. Maradona – please stay away from our team. We don’t need you anywhere in 10 Kms range of our team. Not as a coach , mentor , advisor nothing . Just stay away.
    Thank you

  5. If you look up websters dictionary under cockroach …there is a picture of Diego Maradona

    The 86 generation needs to be booted from the AFA forever…from bilardo all the way to the concession stand guys that served beer.
    How many years can these buffoons milk their glory? Isn’t 30 years enough?

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