Nicolas OTAMENDI with slight knock


Manchester City’s Nicolas OTAMENDI has a slight knock but should feature on Tuesday.

Manchester City coach Pep GUARDIOLA has stated that OTAMENDI should feature on Tuesday for the club and that his injury is the reason why he did not feature in City’s opening season match.

“Hopefully he can play. Steaua Bucharest play with long balls and of course Nico is so important.”

“He had a little problem with his tendon and I could not risk two games in just three days, so that’s why I decided to play with John STONES and KOLAROV.”


  1. Bauza: “Pratto has a big chance to be my No.9”

    Well, it’s very interesting. So Aguero is in panic.

      • We all looking forward longingly for some new chemistry, so faces too. Not only in No.9 position.

        Pass through qualifiers is one thing (Bauza can do this with Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria and even Tevez or Demi) but to go for WOrld Cup and fight after title is another thing (he needs new thirst i.e. a new faces)

  2. The pure number 5 is an outdated thing. Nowadays if a midfielder knows only how to defend or how to attack, he will be a waste of space in any team.

    We need central midfielders who have the ability to read the game, intercept and make forward moves. As much as I like mascherano, his game is very limited in attacking. his defensive reading of the game is awesome, but he is totally a liability in attack setting. For instance, if we had 3 Gago in the team (healthy one), the midfield would be great wouldn’t it? may be not 3 gago, but 1 gago 1 Banega and 1 redondo?

    The best midfield of last decade in an attacking team had one pivot, 1 cerebral creator with immense work-ethic and an elegant dribbler + chaos maker. Thats Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta. And the best counter-attacking system was Morinho’s Champion’s league winning Inter, who had Schnider-Cambiasso-Zanetti midfield. Schnider, who is a very elegant attacking midfielder, had plenty of defensive duties under morinho and Cambiasso was an absolute beast that season. He was the definition of a true box to box midfielder who won balls, passed at a decent rate and direction and always was an option while going forward. And zanetti was used as a holding midfielder whose duty was to cover for Maicon, who was basically a winger in that system.

    When we are trying to assemble a midfield we are always thinking about putting together basically 2 central backs in Masche and biglia with an attacking midfielder, which kills everything. We need to rethink the idea of midfield if we truely want to exploit our attacking players true outputs. Thats my opinion.

    • It is difficult to disagree. These are thoughts that floating around here still since Copa 2015 atleast. I still think that there’s no definition of modern midfielder. One DM can serve you by his passing another may do this by his running… It’s on the basis trial and error. “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk”. We should to test still new configurations. When a team wins World Cup or Champions League then we are thinking it’s model of defence is cutting edge. But at the same time the model is becoming old and predictable because you need a new one to surprise in next tournament.
      IMO there’s no one model of effective DM as there’s no one model of DM. As far it looks like he may go far in tournament with DM ultradefensive like Masche but you need someone more attacking than Biglia along.

      • “When a team wins World Cup or Champions League then we are thinking it’s model of *defence is cutting edge”


        sorry for mistake

  3. Sorry guys but there are some limits of promotion. If someone says: Paredes is similar to Mascherano – I must protest and ask of whom is the text. Perhaps related to other Paredes because not to the one from Roma fur sure. Paredes has some well known advantages but he is far from Masche type.

      • Did you even read the article?Who said he is Masche type player or as good as when comes to defense?They said Paredes has both Alonso and Masche in him.Alonso stands for passing and Masche for tackling.Paredes is really good at tackling,just against Liverpool match he made 3/4 successful tackles and 8 recoveries.Meaning he can do both tackling and passing.2 attributes in one player!

        And no bad feelings,but there should also some limit of protesting from you whenever Paredes is mentioned.

        • Paredes has Masche tackling?! Be serious. If he had, he would be DM XXII century with his passing- DM ideal. Where is the eager to fight in him as Masche has? You are born with some warrior attributes are not. Paredes with comparing to Masche is still lazy in defence.

          Mafioso, how do you want to be serious if you are still promoting players by his sparring games, technical fireworks on training and inteviews? That is not serious. I have no problem with this player as far as we are realist. But I see people here are still blowing up the balloon when he is attributed still more trat that he has not. So don’t make of him a warrior when he is not. He is not active in defence as Masche, Kranevitter or even Augusto.

          • I am here for long enough for anyone to know if I am serious or not.I don’t need that certificate.I won’t have that conversation.

            “And let him to boost himself in regular Serie A games.”-He is here with regular Serie A games,close to 38.

            Who is exactly comparing him with Masche?Who actually?And why you continue to label him as a DM? Is regista a unfamiliar word?Do u know what role a regista plays?

            A young player might turn into an world beater or not.But you can not criticize a player for wrong reasons.U can’t judge a regista by his defensive ferocity nor his assist/goal numbers.

            “He is not active in defence as Masche, Kranevitter or even Augusto.”-of course he is not,cause he is not a DM.But he has far more defensive steel than traditional regista i.e Pirlo.That’s makes him even more balanced.Is it really hard to see a player who makes 2.8 tackles per game is a good tackler?And did u see him going down with tackles?I did.When he does it he wins it.

            A regista’s job is initiating attacks from the deep,control the flow of the game with incisive passing and dominating possession.He does it with excellence.And those things comes with good tackling and blocking.In a Liverpool fan’s recent memory,Alonso is synonym for passing and Masche is synonym for tackling.So when one liverpool writer likens him to both Alonso and Masche at same time,it does not mean he is a alonso type player or Mascherano type player,he even said,”For Empoli he averaged 2.8 tackles per 90. It’s not Ngolo Kante levels of good but it is impressive”.He or me or anyone was not likening him with a DM…it is a way of simply describing a complicated when someone says Denis Suarez is hybrid of Iniesta and Xavi,that does not mean he is Xavi or Iniesta type player,but a unique player has a bit of both.

            And yeah I think it is due asking where is the supposed world best young player,the upcoming most complete footballer as u described,just with your words?Memphis Depay I mean.Well this was not serious.

          • Absolutely no need to create new class of midfielders like “regista” just to prove that he is perfect and ideal embodiment of this kind. If player stands so deep (in Masche position indeed) I must expectate from him among others to be enough aggresive defensiveley, no matter how much he can do in attack. ”
            “U can’t judge a regista by his defensive ferocity nor his assist/goal numbers”. As I said: it is needless artificial category of player.
            According to Pirlo. Still it is comparison exagerrating if Pirlo had more goals and assists.

            “They think he is Alonso and Mascherano in one package” – isn’t it blowing up the balloon without end? This sounds as if he was really Masche and Alonso in one player. If anyone saw Paredes then must to admit it is hard to find comparisons to Masche. So, yes it sounds like needless propaganda.

            I said, Depay – judging by level of talent – could be Messi successor. Nothing more. It was just one time when I mentioned him here so there’s no analogy. And I never creating new stars by sparring games, training skills show, interviews, transfer rumors and speculated transfer prizes – what is your favourite way of promoting players.

          • @Gonzalo,

            Creating new class of midfielder by coining term regista?Unbelievable man!This is such a ridiculous claim!Well that really explains the footballing knowledge in your arguments.If you don’t even know what a regista is there is no point.

            From 2005 to 2016,Pirlo’s best season goal tally is 5,assists hover around the same numbers,during his primes.So how exactly Pirlo has more goals assists than Paredes,a player who has just began as a regista?

            “They think he is Alonso and Mascherano in one package” – isn’t it blowing up the balloon without end?”-Funny,I dedicated a whole section in my last response explaining this,what I meant by this,what the liverpool writer meant by this.But you keep iterating the same accusations.Is it not just arguing just for the sake of it?

            You mentioned here Depay more than once.I remeber another guy also asking you about this too.I think it is more of serious to claim someone to be Messi’s successor than likening Paredes to Pirlo.I am not the only one who did that. I don’t know why you expect Depay to be Messi’s heir?Isn’t Messi is the guy to whom the blame of our failure goes?The selfish player,according to you :V

            “And I never creating new stars by sparring games, training skills show, interviews, transfer rumors and speculated transfer prizes – what is your favourite way of promoting players.”-Stop lying.I am here mentioning Paredes long before he was playing friendly against Liverpool,or his skillshows in training,everyone knows that.I never posted Paredes’s interview.

            He is here with his strong showing with Empoli.By the way the skillshow from training was from official Roma channel.So an elite club was promoting their player in a wrong way,well they need to learn from you apparently.

            And other posters need to stop post transfer news and rumors.Apparently Gonzalo finds it wrong,it promots a player needlessly.Man!All those Garay to Man Utd rumors posted here!

          • And in the most popular English Argentinian football site, an Argentinian player will be promoted.That’s normal.You do this all the time with teenagers who just have some good games with Primera teams.But you come vehemently opposing when someone mention players outside of that of your mentioning.Is not that what you accused Kidadulthood with?Your view is the right one,other is always wrong one and it must be established that way.Messi is selfish,coming out everytime Paredes mentioned…That’s really something!

          • Mafioso,

            first of all, you don’t understand me atleast 2 times and you speak falsely atleast 1 time:

            1.I know what is ‘regista’ (Italy is my second homeland) but did you know about etimology the word. It’s in Italian language. Initially it was very free and casual used by commentator for Pirlo. It means just ‘director’ (so one of most popular, well worn words in football and abused still). And it has indistinct borderlines. It would be better if the term was used only to Pirlo. There’s no 2 same midfielders. Pirlo was player ‘sui generis’ and Paredes is ‘sui generis’. I still trying to ignore some new categories in football and ‘regista’ is one of those. It means little. Deep lying playemaker? Bounds aren’t strict and distinct. Even Biglia may be qualified to the category in many ways. There are only good players and weak players and I’m against multiplicating kinds of players. I saw games whene even Masche was in the category (against Bolivia before Copa 2015).
            You are right, Pirlo had not many more goals than Paredes but he is ‘sui generis’. When he was younger (look on WC 2006) he was player also running forwards and not staying just deep to play standing football.

            2. I understand special context of the comparison to Masche among Liverpool people but finally it’s unacceptable in any cotext. That was the only reason for that I started with the objections. Paredes isn’t similar to Masche in any category (even if he has decent level of tackles and interceptions). Intuitively no one who is vigilant on discussion here will not agree with these insinuations. Yes, these are insinuations. You are pushing back the frontiers abusing ignorance of some people that haven’t seen Paredes a lot in live games. If the context – Paredes as Masche and Alonso in one package – was only among Liverpool fans it’s not so bad but not here.

            Do not try create the impression he is more than he is because you may take away some people enjoyment of playing a player. Promotion has some borders. You must be careful and do not cut boots without measure because he may never to grow up the measure.

            3.I know you never promoted Paredes by words from interviews with himself. I meant by words of interviews with incidental people. Sometimes it was kind of ‘argeumentum ad verecundiam’ but it’s just too much. It’s beating of foam.

            4. I mentioned Depay only once, just one day. I wrote something like: it looks like Depay is ready to be successor of Messi. There were immediately objections of people here so I tried to support my opinion. It was few sentences only one day. So don’t insinuate I was promoting Depay. I was judging him only by level of talent. And I said he has a chance to be Messi succesor if we are talking about compete after Balon d’Or. It was looking for successor. I didn’t say: he will be on par with Messi. These are two different statements. There were no any promotion of the player. He was mentioned by me only one day.

            “You mentioned here Depay more than once.I remeber another guy also asking you about this too” – I regret just it’s not old Mundo because I have one way to prove my words – I just finding out my old posts. And if anyone want to prove my supposed lies he must do the same.

          • “But you come vehemently opposing when someone mention players outside of that of your mentioning.Is not that what you accused Kidadulthood with?Your view is the right one,other is always wrong one and it must be established that way”.

            I accused KidultHood only for his predictions out of touch with reality. He was man seeing through rose-coloured spectacles. It’s not only my opinion. He was blind and die hard fan of players like Higuain or Di Maria that I was criticizing the players. And what? And what they did for Agrentina finally? Now, after 3 years when I started with Higuain critic all member of Mundo want ot drop him…
            KidultHood left the site because of embarrasment and shame. Shame because he made fool of himself so many times by his audacious predictions. He was the one who still was calling for others “not true fan” and finally he left the side just like not true, seasonal fan.

            “Your view is the right one,other is always wrong one and it must be established that way.Messi is selfish,coming out everytime Paredes mentioned…”

            “Coming out everytime Paredes mentioned”? Really? Check out how many times you was talking here about Paredes and how many times I was coming out. I come out if I see some statemants are not concordant with my opinion. It’s normall. It’s just you are who has a problem with hearing objections. i still see your promotion of Paredes and some other players. Usually I have not any problem with this and it’s even pleasure to read. But only till the time when I read somethings that I disagree. And do matter who is the one I’m criticize. He may have 5 Ballon d’Or but if he plays like selfish one then he get my critic. No one can find alternative explanation for Messi’s horrible final.

          • Mafioso, maybe you didn’t read my too long posts but it doesn’t matter.

            You must to know: I’m not as much stupid to say Paredes isn’t talented. Paredes is so much talented to be worth to say still about him. Perhaps he is a player who we really need in midfield (there is many options; maybe we lack a type of passer or type of runner like Perreyra or some other) Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe not. It’s hard to say but he is in first row to try something new in our midfield. Then time will tell.
            I just want to keep my right to ‘votum separatum’ if I read statemants that are not in accordance to my. Keep your promotion of who you want and if I will sometimes to protest you should treat this as search for truth. I feel like I have no favourite player and maybe it’s the reason why I’m sometimes as ‘advocatus diaboli’.

            My promotion of Primera players is only to familarize people with some possible prospects and to widen horizonts. When a player who left Primera is doing good things in European club then he does not need my promotion more because he has 10 new advocates instead of me. As it was with Dybala too. I was talking about him here just after his transfer from Instituto when he was nowhere just to promote. Now he don’t need m,y promotion. The same with Lanzini. I was first who talking about him regularely here when he was in Al Jazira. Now he don’t need my promotion because he is ‘bonum commune’.

  4. My favourite right now for Argentina—-

    ——(we need strong and tail player)

    • ah the 3-5- 2 makes its appearance again. I have some questions on that Dollon:

      1. Pereyra – Why or how do you think he can play a wing-back? Is it based on any past track-record , or is that just a hope? By the way, if anyone is interested, Pereyra is most probably joining Watford in the EPL. So he is out of Juventus.

      2. Ansaldi – Man, this dude might just overtake Messi as the most spoken about argie player ever!! But has any one even seen him of late? Last I know is that he has joined Inter but is injured and out for a month or so.

      • Ansaldi is one of the most talented footballer that Argentina has had in a long time so i can see why Argie Fans bring him up alot on here.
        Argentina need to start playing a 4-2-2-2 formation
        augusto- paredes
        Gaitan Perotti


      • Yes friend he can be very good at right wing if Rojo and Roncaglia played full back possition then why not Pereyra could not play right will be his best sport.he can play central midfield and attacking role..he is a right footed player with very good dribbling power,well holder,very good crosser and his speed is quite good with streaming power…

    • Yeah Paredes is a player who a lot of liverpool fans have been monitoring in the last few months. As you might have guessed, Masche -Xabi were 2 of liverpool’s fav players in recent times and they’ve been dying for a player with qualities similar to 1 or both of them!

      Paredes also had an excellent game against Liverpool for Roma in a friendly last month, which fueled more man-love for him 🙂

      I don’t think he is leaving Roma , that said. Has a very important role to play there, especially after Pjanic has also left the club.

      • You can’t hope for a better double pivot system than Alonso and Masche in their primes.Liverpool lost both of them in the same year!Liverpool has been spending big with this new owners,but not on right players.

        • Alonso – Masche combo was just completely awesome.

          From that time to last year, liverpool were decimated by poor ownership issues , bad managers, or both. It’s taken a turn for the better since FSG + Klopp combo. 🙂

  5. Liverpool have offered €18 million to Roma for their talented Argentinian midfielder Leandro Paredes.
    Roma refused, but the impression is that, if they raise the offer to €20-22 million the deal could be sealed.

    Paredes to Klopp’s management will be an interesting idea.Klopp did good work with ball playing midfielders.

    • Hey Mafioso,

      In addition to being an Albiceleste fan , I also follow liverpool at the club level.

      Paredes bid so far is just a rumour, and there is nothing concrete or from any trusted sources yet. I highly doubt anything will happen.

      • It would be best if Paredes remains at Roma and starts for them.Italian midfielders often takes time to settle at England.Veron did not,at all.

        But I do not blame him.No Argentinian player could ever settle at Man Utd.I hate this club with all my heart.If you are an Argentinian footballer and join Utd your career will come to an stand still.Club will mistreat you and fan’s will bully you,magnify your mistakes and underrate your contribution.Veron,Heinze,Tevez,Di Maria,Rojo,Romero…..same story!Otamendi’s biggest bullies(supporter & ‘pundits’) are Man Utd fans,so is Demichelis’s.It is not only Argentinians,no south american survives there,you are cast out,hated(everyone) or welcomed bench warmer(Valencia).

  6. Paredes’s defensive contributions, such as tackling and blocking the ball, are so solid that he breaks the mold of the traditional regista though; usually regista’s have few defensive responsibilities (outside of positioning) and instead focus on starting attacks and controlling the tempo of the match.

    While he only scored two goals and set up another last season, Paredes’s play was instrumental in ways that don’t necessarily show up in the major stat columns. From a deeper midfield position, he averaged 3.7 long balls per match, as well as 2.5 tackles per match and 1.5 interceptions per match. Paredes also averaged 58.6 passes per match, which shows how much he was on the ball and dictating play for Empoli

    • no wonder he missed 3 chances in the finals.
      i bet his high blood pressure got him so nervous he can’t do right and that’s why he failed to put the ball into the net.
      when you get nervous, there’s not many thing you can do properly, other than shit in your pants.

  7. In Coppa italia, Lucas Boye scored a great goal for Torino in their win 4-1, while Rodrigo de Paul had a goal and an assist for Udinese but unfortunately they lost 2-3.

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