River Plate win Recopa Sudamericana


Hey guys!

River Plate are champions of the RECOPA SUDAMERICANA! They have beaten Colombian giants Santa Fe.  Last nights goal scorers were Sebastián DRIUSSI and  Lucas ALARIO.  This is River Plate’s 5th international championship in only 3 years! They won the Copa Libertadores 2015, the Copa Sudamericana 2014, both Recopas Sudamericanas 2015 and 2016 and the Suruga Bank 2015, all under coach Marcelo Gallardo.  This is quite an accomplishment.

Here are the two River Plate goals from last night.  Take a look at Lucas Alario’s goal in particular.  Is this what we are missing en la Seleccion? How many goals have been scored by headers like this in our national team?





  1. I fully agree with Gonzalo here.

    I am happy that MA will finally cover the Argentine league. It seems majority of the posters only care about Argentines over in Europe or if they do care about a player in Argentina it is because they are being linked to some European club. The Argentine league in the Heart and Soul of Argentine football.

    Forget about clubs like Barcelona or any major European clubs and follow the Argentine league. The games are on YouTube, so you do not have to jump on some bad stream and you can always go back and re-watch games.

    I have always found it strange fans here on Mundo care so much about the national team but you never hear them talk about the league.

    Once again, to love Argentine football, watch the Heart and Soul, which is the league.

    • Exactly men. Some people are bringing here divisions between European leagues players and Primera Division players as if the players from Europe never played in Argentina league. However they all were playing in Argentina league. Divisions as if the players from Argentina were not Argentinean fully. Another absurdal division is between the young and older players of Primera. Youngsters from Europe and the older from Europe, youngsters from Primera and the older players from Primera – all they are playing in one team, all they are Argentinos.

      I just love to follow Primera Division because it’s always so optimistic – to see all the potential in sources. So ‘AD FONTES’!

  2. Gonzalo: You know me my friend… I’m always on top of it. I will try my best to post more about La Primera Division. They are saying it starts this Sunday! I’m very excited.. It’s about time! haha A lot of up and coming players to scout!

    • I apologize. La Primera Division actually starts TODAY! 2 games on the agenda for today! 🙂

      Sarmiento VS Arsenal Sarandi

      Godoy Cruz VS Huracán

    • Starts in Sunday? Damn, I thought this night.

      Juli, I know you are guarantee Primera will emerge here finally. Thank’s for the time.

  3. Driussi’s one I’ve always felt like he’s never fulfilled his full potential. But that could be just me. Nice to see Alario get a goal as that could keep his confidence up heading into the Qualifiers next week!

    • That is right. But now Driussi is not No.9 but just second forward (sometimes AM), in pair with Alario. And the position suits him very well. He is better now.

    • Gonzalo, I understand what you mean. We will also have coverage of the Libertadores and possibly even the Sudamericana. Also at least a weekly round-up of the Argentine Primera (once they actually 100% decide on a starting date!). Furthermore, possibly start covering the MLS (as there are quiet a few Argentine’s there as well) but that will be up for discussion.

      After all, like you said, this is Mundo Albiceleste and not Europe Albiceleste! 😉

      • Oh, I’m very very glad for what you’ve said. You know, seeing all that Argentinos all over the world it’s not only interesting but it is also optimistic – to see how many perspectives and options Argentina has.

        I remember Matias Laba as very promising DM of WC U-20. Now he is Vancouver player I think… So it would be interestig also to hear about players like Laba or Luciano Acosta from time to time.

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