Italian Serie A – Week 2: Argentine Preview


The Italian Serie A kicks off on Saturday with two big matches, one of which involves three current players on the Argentina National Team.

Paulo DYBALA, Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Lucas BIGLIA will all play on Saturday as Lazio host Juventus in the first match on Saturday. The other match involes HIGUAIN’s former club Napoli against AC Milan. Here are the matches involving Argentine players in this week’s Italian Serie A.

Lazio (Lucas BIGLIA) vs. Juventus (Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN)
Napoli vs. AC Milan (Leonel VANGIONI, Jose MAURI and Jose SOSA)

Inter Milan (Cristian ANSALDI, Ever BANEGA, Rodrigo PALACIO and Mauro ICARDI) vs. Palermo
Crotone vs. Genoa (Santiago GENTILETTI, Nicolas BURDISSO, Ezequiel MUÑOZ, Lucas OCAMPOS and Giovanni SIMEONE)
Torino (Maxi LOPEZ and Lucas BOYE) vs. Bologna
Udinese (Rodrigo DE PAUL) vs. Empoli
Cagliari vs. AS Roma (Federico FAZIO, Leandro PAREDES and Diego PEROTTI)
Sampdoria (Matias SILVESTRE and Ricardo ALVAREZ) vs. Atalanta (Alejandro GOMEZ)
Sassuolo vs. Pescara (Albano BIZZARRI and Hugo CAMPAGNARO)
Fiorentina (Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ, Hernan TOLEDO and Mauro ZARATE) vs. Chievo (Nicolas SPOLLI, Mariano IZCO and Lucas CASTRO)


  1. I really hope this new phase of the national team includes more of Perreira, in my opinion both him and Lamela will be key for the NT. They bring so much energy and both are dangerous if allowed to shoot on goal. Lamela the more skillful playmaker, Perreira a bit more of grit and dynamism. Id love to see:

    …… ..#9.
    …….Ota…. Garay….rightback

    > Let the #9 fight it out (Pratto, Pipita, Icardi, etc).. I am partial to a big player who can head, bring the ball down and play off his back, Pratto might be it)

    > Dybala and Kun can fight for that spot as second striker.

    Two dynamic midfielders, Messi the #10 claasic Argentine playmaker with freedom to roam, and what I believe is *key* us having a left back who makes deep late runs into the box and is dangerous infront of goal, that is Messis favorite and most efficient pass when teams try to mark him with 2 or 3.. Rojo doesnt cut it, too goofy, id like to see a player with the characteristcs of Ansaldi.. Sorin! come back please!.. then balance the defence by making sure the rightback is very conservative and covers. With Masch as a purely defensivr mid we can play 3.5 at the back, just like Barca.

    • My Friend, I wish I could see this team in action! I have already given up hope of seeing a real fullback playing in right/left back for the Albiceleste.

      Like all Argentine manager Bauza also seems to be holding up with the idea of playing 4 CB with 2 defensive midfielders who have zero attacking abilities. On top of that, he also think it will be a good idea to play 3 forwards and Di Maria. God save us!

      Also, we also don’t have any quality LB at this moment. None of our managers/coaches seems to rate Tagliafico and the others are probably still in their mother’s womb. We sure have Ansaldi, but European managers think he is best a right wing back or RB. I don’t knw what to expect from him, because he was almost never called and whenever he was called, he failed to build an impression.

      But if it was upto me, I would have started Ansaldi as LWB and Mercado as the RB in your lineup.

  2. “Working with Messi has to do with the team. If you look at both the Copa America Centenario semi-final and final, you can see the difference: In one match he had a lot of options [to pass the ball and look for options on offence], in the other he didn’t. The team has to do that for him, they have to be sure that when they pass the ball to him, he must have choices to pass it back, because if there is one thing Messi has shown us, it is that he makes very good choices. We need to not be Messi-dependent. Yes, he is our MVP, but the rest of the team has to give us more depth as well.”

    -Bauza on ESPN

  3. The following quotes are made by Bauza,recently.Credits goes to @SivanJohn for translation, me just copy pasting.

    “At the Copa America, Messi played in a false 9 position. I would like to see him starting as a playmaker.Messi has to play in a position where he won’t be surrounded by two or three players so that he can perform.”

    “I’ve know Di Maria for almost 13 years when I used to coach (Rosario) Central.”

    “Kun Aguero can play in a false 9 position.”

    “Mascherano provided balance for this team. Funes Mori & Otamendi also has that”.

    “I’m also interested in getting involve with the youth teams because it has been neglected long ago”.

    “I have spoken to the players on the phone & they are committed to the NT. They have a sense of belonging.Messi will be my captain & Mascherano will take the vice captain role”.

    “I want Banega to play a more free role because he can make pass into our opponent’s area”.

    • Messi played in a false 9 position? I don’t think so. Often even if he was in deep midfield was surrounded by more than 1 player.

      When I hear all the names Di Maria, Aguero, Banega (Higuain probably soon as well) it reminds me Metallica song “All nightmare long” Haha

      ‘Cause we hunt you down without mercy
      Hunt you down all nightmare long
      Feel us breathe upon your face
      Feel us shift, every move we trace
      Hunt you down without mercy
      Hunt you down all nightmare long, yeah
      Luck. Runs”.

      • He also said positive things about Dybala in another interview,,few things about Pastore and mentioned that he asked for an report if there is any problem in calling Vazquez because he regards him as a good player.

  4. Vazquez : “I feel Argentinian.When I had the chance to play for Italy, the former Argentina Coach had shut his doors to me, and that’s why I accepted to play for them.”

    If Bauza can bring him again,it will be a mistake undone.

  5. BAUZA: “Yes, we are following Franco Vazquez. But I wonder if he can play for us. We still might call him up if he is eligible to play”

    Good news!

  6. Why must i see that fools face celebrating as i can’t forget those chances you failed to take despite being in red hot form.
    Hig you are a chocker son and i cant forgive you for 1 of them yet alone the 3 that will always be your legacy.

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