Nicolas GAITAN and Augusto FERNANDEZ land in Argentina


Nicolas GAITAN and Augusto FERNANDEZ are the first two to arrive to Argentina.

With the World Cup Qualifiers restarting this week, two of Edgardo BAUZA’s players already in the country. Both Atletico Madrid players landed just minutes ago and spoke to the media. Here’s what GAITAN had to say:

“Hopefully we can do everything possible to get the six points. I don’t know him (Edgardo BAUZA) and I’ve never worked with him. I don’t know what his idea is but we’ll get to know each other during the next few days. I think he’ll get the best out of every player.”

“What Leo said in that moment impacted all of us as team mates and as Argentine’s. We got him back. He’s an emblem for the National Team and the best in the world.”


  1. it must be great if bazua following line up with Vasquez..




  2. I think Buza have to work very well with some area of the national team,like position of Angel Di maria, Defence area and alson Number 9 position.this are some lack position area that the national team have been having issue most.need some other player that can take roll of Angel di maria possition, also need a good intelligent number 9 striker that can make good of ball inside and outside of the goalkeeping area well.Lastly a good midfilder that can distrisbute a ball well.I wish the new Argentina national team well.

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