Edgardo BAUZA announces domestic players, final list is out!


Okay everyone here it is… Edgardo BAUZA finalized his list for the upcoming WCQ’s.  Mariano ANDUJAR, Emmanuel MAS, Guido PIZARRO and Lucas ALARIO have been added to the final list.  What do you guys think? I’m personally happy with the addition of PIZARRO.   What do you guys think of MAS? Should this be his final chance to prove himself worthy?




  1. Gaitan never gets the credit he deserves!! tenacious attacker and defender as well….something Argentina desperately wants and needs.

    Garay is injured so he wasn’t going to play but what’s the deal of his exclusion is a mystery to me…..maybe not playing well in Russia but i hope to see him once recovered.

    Mas is ok with me, played hard and showed heart.

    Pizarro adds fangs to this attack and the muscle to back it up.

    I like what this manager has done so far and i hope he lights a fire under Kun and Pipita’s asses.

  2. Another important game for Atletico,another Argentina less XI from Simeone.None of Gaitain and Correa good enough to start?Seriously?In last three matches Correa scored 2,assisted one.

    And old dinosaur Torres is always there.Don’t you think there is something “not normal” here about Simeone?

    • i know but ath won and that is the name of the game, not picking favorites as its about those in form or as they say “horses for courses” and what a shame our coaches cant do that.

      • ” its about those in form “-Correa is one of the most inform Atletico player.

        Argentina win without Icardi does not mean Icardi does not deserve it to be here.Simeone lost 2 consecutive UCL final,won the Liga due to Tata’s incompetence.Griezmann missed a penalty today,it happened in latest UCL final and in many other matches.But it is Girezmann who takes the penalty.Biasless,razor sharp realistic manager?I don’t think so.Simeone is an excellent manage,but not flawless.

        Just because Simone made a decision does not mean it is right.Just because u won the game does not mean you made the best decisions.

        • So true cor is in good form but as i said some times if is about certain players to face certain teams and at the end of the day it is all about winning and today he did exactly that.
          As they say it does not matter if you win by an inch or a mile as you have still won.

  3. I can remember Lavezzi was one of the most hated player here,his nickname was roadrunner…But it changed after the tough game against Peru(1-1 draw at Lima where stone was thrown at Arg bus)…For me the players we have are quality players whether it is Di Maria,Rojo,Biglia…Right manager with right approach is necessary.Batista wanted Lavezzi to play as a wing forward.But he is not a wing forward,he has proven himself better at LMF and RMF.

    Likewise Di Maria is not wing forward or even traditional winger…he stopped being that when Sabella and Ancelotti made him to play as LAM/LCM.Also there is a matter of motivation.Rojo lacks playing time with club and proper motivation i.e real competition.But as a player he is fine.So is Biglia who can be tremendous if you plan a less ball skill oriented approach.

    One important thing is to have some defenders in 2018 who also featured in 2014.Mercado,Mori is new,Otamendi had a horrible 2010.This is why Rojo can be important.But he needs to be starter at his club,during 2014 he was a starter with Sporting Lisbon.

  4. very happy to see that Pizarro is included… been a long time coming

    would love to have seen Rulli,Paredes,Perotti,Pereyra,Franco Vazquez and Icardi on the list

    can anyone explain to me how demichelis is still there????

    wheres Musacchio and Garay???

    shit i went from happy to pissed off just like that

  5. Glad to see Pizarro included although there’s no guarantee Bauza would actually start him.

    Mas at the very least, is not worse than Rojo, which is not saying a lot. He had a good game against Uruguay, I remember him being involved on both sides of the pitch which exactly what we need from a fullback. Still, he is not a world class player but any stretch of the imagination. I guess Bauza knows him from his time at San Lorenzo. The question is, is he going to start over Rojo? I hope so because at least Mas is getting more playing time for his club.

    As for Alario, I’m not convinced yet that he is that good but that could change. At least, Tevez is not there.

    Of all players of the old guard, one person I wouldn’t mind seeing is Lavezzi who can still contribute. He had a good Copa America.

    Still baffled by the inclusion of Demichelis and Roncaglia…

  6. Well same thing. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But here are some thoughts.

    1. Rulli: What is the issue here? He is not going to play, true. But as with other new players, he can start working with the group. Why delay it? I fail to understand what does Andujar bring that he is always there. I do not have too much idea of how Goalkeepers practice or prepare for a game. I am not sure if these guys are needed for Romero to prepare and the practice sessions will change significantly if Rulli joins the group. Overall, frustrates me.

    2. I really do not understand Gaitan. I don’t think he is going to make a huge difference ever. I have seen him many times in TV and live (a huge difference). I think we can let him go. May be other wide midfielders can be tried.

    3. Happy to see Higuain back. You all know how disappointed I am with this guy for all the 3 finals, but these are the kind of games when he scores. And we need to win these games to live another day. So, welcome back (with lot of hatred :))

    Rest if OK. We need to get 6 points. PERIOD.

    • I agree rulli should be there although he lost us the Olympics with that nutmeg goal he let in. If that doesn’t go in, which it should never, we advance on goal difference over Honduras.
      However, he is the future of the national team between the posts and should be there gaining experience no doubt!
      On another note, gaitan is valuable to la seleccion. He runs, creates space and is great on the ball. Football is about creating space and gaitan does that for the other players in the pitch.

  7. Tricky to use word final as we have one more league weekend to go plus several european games. It could be that more players get injured. I hope not but it is not unlikely.

    Happy with Mas and Pizarro. Would have liked Icardi though.

  8. When Bauza said Alario is future of Albiceleste,I think he said the right thing.Alario is a complete CF.He is fast,skilled and composed with the ball,good finisher and excellent header.

  9. Mas did decent against Uruguay,he certainly had some contribution in that match.Not that I can say he deserves a place,but obviously there is no harm in it.

    Bauza needs to some praise for the inclusion of Pizarro.I was not hopeful,but Bauza made the right decision.

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